Scripture is the Ultimate Authority

When Scripture is not your ultimate authority you are:

  1. Ripe pickings for any false teaching and teacher on the planet
  2. Dependent on corrupt man, and not dependent on God
  3. Not able to connect the dots for the Gospel
  4. Rejecting God and replacing Him with yourself
  5. Gladly able to accept all forms of ancient heresy
  6. Using presuppositions and importing them into Scripture
  7. Unstable and able to be trampled and tossed around like a rag doll.
  8. Not able to share a clear Gospel message
  9. Contradicting your own declared faith in God
  10. Teaching false doctrine, invented, and oblivious to it.
  11. Ripe to be plucked up by a cult which rejects the authority of Scripture
  12. Unable to debate or defend a doctrine by Scripture
  13. Able to disregard the clear teaching of Scripture
  14. Able to attack Scripture just as any atheist or agnostic would
  15. Most likely able to conform to other world religions such as Islam, Mormonism, etc.
  16. Declaring you are lazy, but more so an unbeliever that Scripture holds the truth
  17. Most likely saying that there is something in Scripture that you do not want to believe
  18. Most likely saying that there is a sin Scripture speaks about of which you do not want to repent from
  19. Telling God, “You are insufficient”
  20. Telling God, “Your word is not the only truth, there are many roads to Heaven”.
  21. Telling God, “You are not really needed”
  22. Telling God, “I doubt You”
  23. Telling God, “There are many things missing in Scripture, thus I can’t believe in You”
  24. Telling God, “I trust my pastor or priest, I can’t trust You”
  25. Telling God, “My church holds authority OVER You”

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