Are You Ready

When it comes to life and death, there is one thing you can count on for sure, that we all will perish. The question is are you ready to meet God? With this, I am not saying “do you have your funeral plans and your will all made out”, but are you ready for that day when your life on this earth ends? Are you resting with eternal life or have you put that off.

The latest world crisis comes to mind and will use this example as an analogy. The Russian army was indicating for many months that it was going to invade Ukraine. It was a pretty much known secret, and they were right out in the open with it. But the president of Ukraine with this knowledge, said “all is well, they won’t invade”. Only then to be completely unprepared when the day came and the Russians invaded his country. At that time, he was saying “send us ammunition and money!” There was no planning, no defense positions taken given the gravity of the situation.

We may do the same thing with our pending death. “I am not going die today, after all I am healthy” is the sentiment. Or “I work out” or “my family has good genes” or “I will outsmart death”. Just as the president of Ukraine, it is called ignorantly conditioning of your mind to claim the inevitable is not inevitable. If I say it enough, maybe it won’t come true, is that conditioning. So we go along with our lives this way.

And when the day comes, God is fully prepared, the question is if we will be. I said this before but if you are NOT resting in the peace of Jesus Christ right now as this very minute, you won’t be after death. You have been asked by a Christian friend “can I share the Gospel with you?”, and you say to yourself “well not today, maybe in the future”. As IF you know the future and that you were granted so many days.

There are many who had that mindset, “not today”, and POOF their life was over. They viewed death as only happening to the very sick or very old only to find out that death does not discriminate. And then there will be only an eternal regret as to why you said “not today”. It is kind of like being able to do something really simple today such as placing your faith alone in Jesus Christ and then repenting of your sins and you put it off. This would be like having a big job interview tomorrow, and waiting until tomorrow and hour before your interview to figure out where the company is and what they produced. Chances are it is not going fair very well for you. Or it is like a doctor telling you “you are going to need to lose weight or you will surely die soon”, and you say “I can’t start doing this today, but in the future I might”.

My point is, the warnings are all out in the open. You will surely perish. You may have your worldly things in order, you planned for your kids, your estate is settled, and your funeral plans were made, but are your spiritual things IN ORDER?? Because if they aren’t, sorry, but there is no after death do-overs. It is heaven or hell. God doesn’t give second chances when you had a lifetime of a myriad of chances to believe and repent.

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