Are You Anti-Jesus?

If asked the question, “are you anti-Jesus”, meaning Jesus Christ, I would venture to guess almost 95 percent surveyed would answer “NO!!” Those reading this most likely had a knee jerk “no” and many stopped with the title. Even hardened agnostics, unbelievers of Jesus most likely answered “no, while I don’t believe or follow Him, I am not anti-Jesus”.

But let’s look at who I am getting at as being anti-Jesus. My answer would be anyone, any church, any entity, and any social construct which would teach against His Gospel, who He is, or implementing policies which makes sin lawful. Indeed entire nations could be deemed anti-Jesus. It doesn’t necessarily mean the entire people is anti-Jesus, just the nation’s construct would be if it had made a sin legal.

The U.S. for example deems abortion and same-sex marriage legal and normal. There is a recent movement to make many horrible sins normalized, sexual perversion, immorality, etc. Elected officials openly and unapologetically push for these sinful policies and some even use Jesus’ name in doing so. The nation in my view is anti-Jesus because it those policies which work against His Kingdom. Again, it doesn’t mean every citizen of the U.S. is anti-Jesus, it means they would live in an anti-Jesus nation.

Any individual who promotes a sin as legal or normalized is anti-Jesus. And any church which would pervert His Gospel by adding works or degrading His work would too be anti-Jesus. There are NO gray lines in this anti-Jesus movement. You are either for Jesus, who He is, and what He did, or you are a worker against Him, meaning anti-Jesus.

There are no in betweens. You can’t say “I have nothing against Jesus”, and then go out and pervert His words and teach against what He taught. You can’t say “I am pro-Jesus”, and then blaspheme His name by replacing Him with your priests and church or making false claims about Him such as He losing His saved children to hell. You can’t say “wrong, I am for Jesus”, and then dismiss His supreme authority for your church’s. You can’t say “I accept Jesus as a good teacher” but then go out and promote, validate, and tolerate SIN which sent Him to the Cross.

I am sure the Pharisees would have initially said “we are not anti-Jesus, we reject His teachings however”, but then went out and sought His death and put Him to death.

So in our discernment and self-evaluation we must view this for and against Jesus and be firm in this. Again, there is no gray area. Either you accept Jesus Christ and ALL that He taught and did and submit to His Lordship, or you are against Him and His Kingdom.

There will be many on Judgment Day vehemently claiming they were never “anti-Jesus”, only to find out they were their entire life!

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