Abuse and Misuse of God’s Love

1 John 4:8 He who does not love does not know God, for God is love.

In our increasingly sinful culture and society, there also is an increase in the abuse and misuse of God and His love as a means to justify and rationalize sinful behaviors. Allie Beth Stuckey (The Blaze) struck me with a very poignant statement by saying “people, especially in the church believe their love trumps God’s love”. I have been saying this ever since God added me to His church.

The point Allie makes is that while for example God says marriage is to be only between a man and a woman, that this isn’t “loving enough” for some in the church, so they look the other way and rationalize the sin of same-sex marriage. Or “let’s not speak about abortion” and take a stand, because that somehow isn’t “love”.

You see God is love, but some think they out-love God? Because what He obviously prescribed came out of something called perfect love, it would be impossible to love more than God. But that doesn’t prevent some from thinking they somehow can accomplish this.

Allie is correct! We see the abuse and misuse of God’s love by the unbelieving world, but also in the church. I have said that “loving your neighbor” is not giving them cool water on their way to an eternal hot hell. Which some either knowingly and unknowingly are doing in the church or just maybe they were deceived as a Christian and are in that line to hell.

God’s love needs no embellishments or additions or more importantly DELETIONS. If you diminish or degrade His perfect holiness in any way? You are not preaching God’s love. If you diminish or degrade God’s perfect justice when it comes to sin? You are not preaching God’s love!

There is a simple distinguishable line that be drawn between God’s love and self centeredness, and that is lust. Lust is not love. And I am not just speaking to sexual desires but also for self-seeking self desires such as trying to make yourself feel good by rationalizing a sin on the behalf of a sinner or a group of sinners. That is lust, not love! Any desire outside of God’s love is indeed lust. So when one seeks to adjust or compromise God’s love, they are using LUST to do so, a sin.

The Almighty God has spoken, we do not need to question His motive or His intent, because He is love! Pure love! If you do question His motive, His intent, His will, or His purpose, sorry but while you claim to know God and love Him, you neither know or love Him!

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