Without God There is Lawlessness

1 John 3:4 Whoever commits sin also commits lawlessness, and sin is lawlessness.

To the discerning eye, modern society has accelerated into and increasingly become a godless state. And with this godlessness, all sorts of lawlessness is legitimized. Objective truths are now being ignored for godless subjectiveness under the banner of “love”.

A classic example and probably when I personally witnessed this vast acceleration into lawlessness was when the U.S. declared that same-sex marriage would be legal. I remember the posts by some who probably also called themselves “Christians” disgustingly and horrifically saying “Love Wins!” and screamed out by a godless society. It wasn’t love that won, it was LUST and SIN which did, the same LUST and SIN which won in 1973 which declared that murder of an unborn child was also legal.

What used to be immoral now is looked at as moral. During the horrific time of WWII whereby millions of Jews were murdered by an evil regime, common morals said that a man and woman could not even share the same room if unmarried. Up until the 1980s, divorce was greatly frowned upon, today it is like going to grocery store. But post-modernism put away with all decency and morality and now everything is subjective to a lawless society.

As long as the local government says it is “legal”, society says “fine”. But is this what God says? Many are going to be greatly surprised on Judgment Day when they discover God had laws which superseded any subjective man invented law.

To be sure you are always on the right track and not on the godless path, always put Scripture as your ultimate authority! Society, social media, and godless sentiment may say one thing, Scripture will always have the final word. Don’t join in and dismantle love for lust!

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