The Way of the Wicked

Proverbs 4:19 The way of the wicked is like darkness; They do not know what makes them stumble.

The way of the wicked prevails in every human being upon birth. We as humans have a subjective way, a natural sinful way of knowing what it is truly “good” which encompasses the internal compass between right and wrong. So what we see as “right” is good, and those doing “right” things are good.

This ideology works for humans in a cultural sense, but not when the comparison goes to an Almighty Holy God, then no one is truly good. We all fail in that comparison, and thus would be deemed “wicked” according to His law and His standard.

Being born with this dark nature, our ways are of the wicked. And I believe one only truly understands this if and when God gives a rebirth to actually see that you are actually following the way of the wicked all along. You didn’t understand what made you stumble, you most likely blamed in on yourself or if a narcissist you blamed others for your wicked ways. I know in my case, I did both, blamed myself and others all the time, never because I was fallen in nature.

In today’s society, those who have eyes to see can see how very wicked and evil society is becoming. Where we have a sect of the population so wicked, they want the ability to groom young children in a perverse manner in their schools. Those who have a brain and can distinguish a man from a woman are shunned and cancelled by wicked loud voiced activists.

As the verse says “they do not know what makes them stumble” into their ways of evil and wickedness. They really don’t care either I should add. And in the end the eternal fires of hell await them, and only at that time they’ll realize the error of their way when the darkness is literal agony and darkness which will never cease.

Thus it is highly imperative to share the Gospel, to share Biblical truth to the godless, to the wicked, and make no apology. The temporary enjoyment of sin and wickedness is no match for eternal darkness and agony which awaits. Do not look the other way as they stream toward the cliff of the lake of fire. If it means you are cancelled by them or persecuted, so be it. You loved them enough to tell them the truth!

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