Are You Anti-Jesus?

If asked the question, “are you anti-Jesus”, meaning Jesus Christ, I would venture to guess almost 95 percent surveyed would answer “NO!!” Those reading this most likely had a knee jerk “no” and many stopped with the title. Even hardened agnostics, unbelievers of Jesus most likely answered “no, while I don’t believe or follow Him, I am not anti-Jesus”.

But let’s look at who I am getting at as being anti-Jesus. My answer would be anyone, any church, any entity, and any social construct which would teach against His Gospel, who He is, or implementing policies which makes sin lawful. Indeed entire nations could be deemed anti-Jesus. It doesn’t necessarily mean the entire people is anti-Jesus, just the nation’s construct would be if it had made a sin legal.

The U.S. for example deems abortion and same-sex marriage legal and normal. There is a recent movement to make many horrible sins normalized, sexual perversion, immorality, etc. Elected officials openly and unapologetically push for these sinful policies and some even use Jesus’ name in doing so. The nation in my view is anti-Jesus because it those policies which work against His Kingdom. Again, it doesn’t mean every citizen of the U.S. is anti-Jesus, it means they would live in an anti-Jesus nation.

Any individual who promotes a sin as legal or normalized is anti-Jesus. And any church which would pervert His Gospel by adding works or degrading His work would too be anti-Jesus. There are NO gray lines in this anti-Jesus movement. You are either for Jesus, who He is, and what He did, or you are a worker against Him, meaning anti-Jesus.

There are no in betweens. You can’t say “I have nothing against Jesus”, and then go out and pervert His words and teach against what He taught. You can’t say “I am pro-Jesus”, and then blaspheme His name by replacing Him with your priests and church or making false claims about Him such as He losing His saved children to hell. You can’t say “wrong, I am for Jesus”, and then dismiss His supreme authority for your church’s. You can’t say “I accept Jesus as a good teacher” but then go out and promote, validate, and tolerate SIN which sent Him to the Cross.

I am sure the Pharisees would have initially said “we are not anti-Jesus, we reject His teachings however”, but then went out and sought His death and put Him to death.

So in our discernment and self-evaluation we must view this for and against Jesus and be firm in this. Again, there is no gray area. Either you accept Jesus Christ and ALL that He taught and did and submit to His Lordship, or you are against Him and His Kingdom.

There will be many on Judgment Day vehemently claiming they were never “anti-Jesus”, only to find out they were their entire life!

The Yield Sign Phenomenon

If I ask you what color is a Yield sign on a road? Without a Google search, what would be your honest answer?

If you answered “Yellow”, most likely you were born before 1970, because the sign was officially switched to Red and White in 1971. Most of the Yield signs which were yellow were replaced by 1978 with the new Red/White signs.

The phenomenon is that there are some who just read what I posted, and answered “YELLOW”, and are arguing with me in their mind. “He’s wrong! I know I saw a yellow Yield sign just the other day”. Some may even go out searching for one, but they won’t find one. They are all red and white. Some who have taken a written drivers test can also attest to what I said is true.

I recently heard on the radio a woman describe this phenomenon as something we learned in our youth and now our minds are closed off, we don’t even realize the signs are red/white. I will admit, when I was asked that question, I answered yellow, but then thought about it when she said “no”, and then realized almost immediately they were actually red/white. So my mind wasn’t completely closed, but several who called into the radio station insisted they saw a yellow Yield sign recently.

So where am I going with this? It goes to indoctrination of world religions and also secular media. If something is repeated long enough, especially when you are a child, and you accept it as a truth, you will have a hard time changing your mind. Everything one might show you that you were wrong, you argue against. One reason being we are fallen creatures and we are naturally prideful. We won’t LISTEN to the facts presented because we conditioned our minds so as to be deceived we remain deceived.

When my eyes and ears were opened by God in 2011-2012, born-again, upon reading Scripture, I kept asking myself “why didn’t you see this before!’…I was so deceived, and some actually told me in the past that I was, but before that point I argued, I said they were CRAZY. And I wouldn’t listen to anything, because I was right, they were wrong, again because of my deep seeded pride. The analogy being they told me the Yield sign was actually red/white, and I insisted they were always yellow.

I will give another example. I used to sell water filters and used a device called a Total Dissolved Solids meter with two glasses of water in my sales presentation. One glass was filtered water, the other wasn’t and the TDS meter showed the difference. From the very well educated to the not so educated, it made no difference, they saw both glasses of water as water. By the same phenomenon, showing them something they couldn’t see, would always lead them to reject what I was selling. Rather, they’d argue in favor of the water they always drank, because it looked clear enough to the naked eye.

And this goes for the Gospel! If one has been encapsulated into a world religion teaching them to save themselves by their works for example, it is awfully hard to convince them that Scripture actually condemns them for this. The simplicity of “place your faith alone in Jesus Christ and repent of your sins”, is rejected in favor of the indoctrination. It is like the two water examples I gave. I can give empirical facts from the Bible to the well educated to the not so educated, and the blindness always favors a presupposed ideology based on pride and what one was taught and drilled by. They’ll reject the very words, word for word, of the Bible if they were indoctrinated to believe something else.

To those who argue against “place your faith alone in Jesus Christ”, I plead with you to OPEN your mind and read the Bible! Prove me wrong, or try to with that open mind. Because right now, believe it or not just like the Yield sign, you closed your mind off and are allowing deception to guide you and in the end it will be eternal hell.

“But my church is correct!” is that what you are trying to say? How do you know they are correct? How do you know that what they taught you is the truth? Are you not relying on them, instead of proving what they are saying as true? “But my friends and family believe what I believe, so it must be true”. Look, if it were that easy, Jesus and the Apostles would have never warned about false teachings and teachers. Bandwagon ideology as my father taught me, “if all your friends jumped off a bridge to their deaths, would it be right? Would you stupidly join them?”

“In 1971, the MUTCD stipulated that yield signs should be red with a white triangle in the center and red lettering”

Don’t be deceived by the Yield sign of which you all along thought was yellow!

The Temporary Joy of Sin

Matthew 18:8 “If your hand or foot causes you to sin, cut it off and cast it from you. It is better for you to enter into life lame or maimed, rather than having two hands or two feet, to be cast into the everlasting fire.”

Jesus did not equivocate on our fallen nature which is to sin. He was quite aware of the temporary fleeting joy we have to sin based on that fallen depraved nature of ours and provided a stern warning.

In the command to cut your hand or foot off or in another place He says “gouge out your eyes if it causes you to sin”, He was exhorting how dead set serious we must be about repentance and the fight our temptations to sin. But much more so how gravely the situation is without He as your Savior.

Those who thought they could be saved by being sinless, Jesus said there would come a time when you would literally need to maim yourself in order not to sin. Because that is our fallen nature, an innate desire where the joy is temporary but we continue to seek it.

And this desire just doesn’t all together go away upon being born-again, but at that point we realize there is a war going on in our members. In Romans 7, the Apostle Paul describes this in detail. Our hearts and minds desire holiness, and our sinful flesh continues to go after that temporary joy of sin. Paul gives the solution at the end of Romans 7.
21 I find then a law, that evil is present with me, the one who wills to do good. 22 For I delight in the law of God according to the inward man. 23 But I see another law in my members, warring against the law of my mind, and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members. 24 O wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death? 25 I thank God—through Jesus Christ our Lord! So then, with the mind I myself serve the law of God, but with the flesh the law of sin.

Paul was saying that this war between the flesh and our spirit will continue on until God takes us home.

Now if we go back to what Jesus said, He contrasts the temporary joy of sin to an eternal torment. He says “well if you want that temporary sinful joy to rule you, you will have eternal hell to look forward to where there will be no more joy”. So the command is to continue to REPENT! And those who have been born-again/saved are now capable TO repent! Those who have not, well like He said you would need to literally destroy your physical fallen body from the beginning in order to be saved outside of Him.

Since there is a war between the flesh and spirit, we must turn to the Holy Spirit to win the daily battles. And don’t be fooled, as a Christian there is this daily battle going on and I said, you only realize there is a battle once you have been saved/born-again. Unlike unbelievers, you have a deadly weapon in your arsenal, who is the Holy Spirit. So call upon Him! When Jesus said in the Lord’s prayer “and lead us NOT into temptation”, He was indicating that type of dependence we are to have on Him.

Are You Ready

When it comes to life and death, there is one thing you can count on for sure, that we all will perish. The question is are you ready to meet God? With this, I am not saying “do you have your funeral plans and your will all made out”, but are you ready for that day when your life on this earth ends? Are you resting with eternal life or have you put that off.

The latest world crisis comes to mind and will use this example as an analogy. The Russian army was indicating for many months that it was going to invade Ukraine. It was a pretty much known secret, and they were right out in the open with it. But the president of Ukraine with this knowledge, said “all is well, they won’t invade”. Only then to be completely unprepared when the day came and the Russians invaded his country. At that time, he was saying “send us ammunition and money!” There was no planning, no defense positions taken given the gravity of the situation.

We may do the same thing with our pending death. “I am not going die today, after all I am healthy” is the sentiment. Or “I work out” or “my family has good genes” or “I will outsmart death”. Just as the president of Ukraine, it is called ignorantly conditioning of your mind to claim the inevitable is not inevitable. If I say it enough, maybe it won’t come true, is that conditioning. So we go along with our lives this way.

And when the day comes, God is fully prepared, the question is if we will be. I said this before but if you are NOT resting in the peace of Jesus Christ right now as this very minute, you won’t be after death. You have been asked by a Christian friend “can I share the Gospel with you?”, and you say to yourself “well not today, maybe in the future”. As IF you know the future and that you were granted so many days.

There are many who had that mindset, “not today”, and POOF their life was over. They viewed death as only happening to the very sick or very old only to find out that death does not discriminate. And then there will be only an eternal regret as to why you said “not today”. It is kind of like being able to do something really simple today such as placing your faith alone in Jesus Christ and then repenting of your sins and you put it off. This would be like having a big job interview tomorrow, and waiting until tomorrow and hour before your interview to figure out where the company is and what they produced. Chances are it is not going fair very well for you. Or it is like a doctor telling you “you are going to need to lose weight or you will surely die soon”, and you say “I can’t start doing this today, but in the future I might”.

My point is, the warnings are all out in the open. You will surely perish. You may have your worldly things in order, you planned for your kids, your estate is settled, and your funeral plans were made, but are your spiritual things IN ORDER?? Because if they aren’t, sorry, but there is no after death do-overs. It is heaven or hell. God doesn’t give second chances when you had a lifetime of a myriad of chances to believe and repent.

Scripture is the Ultimate Authority

When Scripture is not your ultimate authority you are:

  1. Ripe pickings for any false teaching and teacher on the planet
  2. Dependent on corrupt man, and not dependent on God
  3. Not able to connect the dots for the Gospel
  4. Rejecting God and replacing Him with yourself
  5. Gladly able to accept all forms of ancient heresy
  6. Using presuppositions and importing them into Scripture
  7. Unstable and able to be trampled and tossed around like a rag doll.
  8. Not able to share a clear Gospel message
  9. Contradicting your own declared faith in God
  10. Teaching false doctrine, invented, and oblivious to it.
  11. Ripe to be plucked up by a cult which rejects the authority of Scripture
  12. Unable to debate or defend a doctrine by Scripture
  13. Able to disregard the clear teaching of Scripture
  14. Able to attack Scripture just as any atheist or agnostic would
  15. Most likely able to conform to other world religions such as Islam, Mormonism, etc.
  16. Declaring you are lazy, but more so an unbeliever that Scripture holds the truth
  17. Most likely saying that there is something in Scripture that you do not want to believe
  18. Most likely saying that there is a sin Scripture speaks about of which you do not want to repent from
  19. Telling God, “You are insufficient”
  20. Telling God, “Your word is not the only truth, there are many roads to Heaven”.
  21. Telling God, “You are not really needed”
  22. Telling God, “I doubt You”
  23. Telling God, “There are many things missing in Scripture, thus I can’t believe in You”
  24. Telling God, “I trust my pastor or priest, I can’t trust You”
  25. Telling God, “My church holds authority OVER You”