The What About Me Equation

One of the age old problems with mankind and salvation is the rejection of the formula. Many so-called Christians or those who claim Christianity invariably are using a false equation. I call it the “what about me equation”, as it attempts to inject oneself into the formula by which there is no place for you.

Our natural prideful self of which we are all ingrained with, is a quid-pro-quo when it comes to awards, rewards, love, how we deal with others, etc. It says if you are given a gift, it has to be because you somehow earned it. That the gift was given because after all you deserved it. This equation runs counter in every way to the biblical equation on salvation!
We naturally attach conditions all the time to the grace we give others, whereas God never attached a single condition to His grace. If He did? No one could be saved, as no one would could meet that standard of His conditions. Furthermore by this? It would say that before Jesus could die for a single sin, every sinner He intended to save would need to meet God’s condition, and in reality, He’d be waiting for an eternity because it would never happen!

The grace of salvation is always unearned. God saves the ungodly, never the one who believes they worked for the grace, or it would negate grace and be deemed work. It runs counter-balance to everything we naturally believe. The equation is always 0 percent the individual’s work, and 100 percent the work of Jesus Christ. Pretty amazing grace, don’t you think?

In Galatians 5, the Jewish converts had tried the “what about me equation”, and attempted to import circumcision into the salvation equation. Paul rebuked them sternly saying if they did this, they “fell away from grace” and that “Jesus would BE OF NO USE” to them. Their thinking was, “we can’t just let Jesus do it all, we need to help or do at least something”, which again is the natural thought process because then we could receive some sort of credit or “atta boy” for our salvation.

Paul also taught to the Ephesians in Chapter 2:8-9 that salvation was by grace THROUGH faith, not of yourself, not of works, so that no one could boast. Seems pretty straight forward, but many overlook the “no one can boast” because that is the key to it all. If just 1 percent of your works were used, you would look to yourself and whether you openly boast or keep it to yourself, you are indeed boasting in that 1 percent. Rather if the equation is 0 percent you, there is indeed NOTHING you could think of to boast in other than the 100 percent of Jesus and what He did on your behalf!

Salvation is never “what about me”, is is always “what about Jesus and what He did!”. You didn’t believe, you didn’t save yourself, you didn’t do a thing other than displaying the sins Jesus died for, and guess what, He saved you! The unbeliever won’t grasp this, they’ll rail against it, they’ll fight against this notion until their dying breath without a rebirth from God. And like those in Matthew 7:21-23, they’ll attempt the “what about me Lord” equation with God, and Jesus will say “I NEVER KNEW YOU!”.

Facets of Serpent Theology

Serpent theology goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden when he deceived Adam and Eve (Genesis 3:1-7). The twisted demonic theology was designed to cast doubt on God and His promises. This serpent theology lives on in many forms, and below is a brief list I have personally seen.

  1. Scripture says “the just shall live by faith”. Serpent theology says “the just shall live by their works instead”
  2. Scripture says there is a direct unimpeded line to Jesus by faith alone for the forgiveness of sin. Serpent theology says “NO! You must seek another sinner and a religious sacrament to absolve you of your sins, place your faith in Mary to lobby on your behalf”.
  3. Scripture says to be saved “fix your eyes onto Jesus alone”. Serpent theology says “fix your eyes on Mary instead, your works, your religious involvement”.
  4. Scripture teaches that salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone. Serpent theology says “salvation is by what you do, not what Jesus did”.
  5. Scripture teaches that it is God who chose to be saved and all deserve justice, not mercy. Serpent theology says “the sinners chooses, and God is hateful if He doesn’t by default just owe everyone salvation”.
  6. Scripture teaches that idolatry is a dreadful sin. Serpent theology says “are you sure it is idolatry?” and then goes onto twist Scripture to make it seem as the practice is not idolatry.
  7. Scripture teaches that God is omniscient, all knowing, that He doesn’t obtain knowledge. Serpent theology teaches that God can change His mind and that He learns things from mankind and reacts accordingly. Man is sovereign over God in serpent theology.
  8. Scripture teaches that Jesus loses NO sinner granted to Him. Serpent theology says “a sinner can lose their salvation” meaning Jesus does lose His sheep. Serpent theology will attempt to claim Jesus lied about not losing nothing of His inheritance to hell.
  9. Scripture teaches that when a sinner is saved, eternal life with Jesus has been granted. Serpent theology says “when a sinner is saved, he or she must work then to gain eternal life”, that Jesus didn’t make that promise of eternal life to immediately encompass salvation.
  10. Scripture says Jesus paid the full punishment for the sins of His children. Serpent theology says “Jesus did not pay the full price, there is after death punishment”.
  11. Scripture teaches that when Jesus saves a sinner, they have been redeemed in FULL, that the debt of sin is cancelled. Serpent theology says “you are only redeemed until you sin again, the debt remains”.
  12. Scripture teaches that God saves the ungodly in their sins. Serpent theology says “God will only save the godly who did enough good deeds and religious things in the end”.
  13. Scripture teaches that man is fallen in nature based on Adam’s sin. Serpent theology says “all are born perfect in nature, you are totally able to remain sinless”.
  14. Scripture teaches that until one is born-again, you will not believe. Serpent theology says “you are capable to place saving faith in Jesus before you are born-again” negating the reason WHY one must be born-again.
  15. Scripture teaches that man is totally depraved. Serpent theology says “Man is not dead in their sins and trespasses”.
  16. Scripture teaches that the Holy Spirit is the seal and guarantee of the saved sinner of whom He indwells. Serpent theology says “there is no seal or guarantee, so work harder to save yourself” always negating the Holy Spirit who Jesus promised to send.
  17. Scripture teaches that anyone can be enlightened to God’s truth. Serpent theology says “only a handful can be enlightened and interpret Scripture”. Again negating the Holy Spirit.
  18. Scripture teaches that God is the only infallible being and He is the Author of Scripture. Serpent theology says “man is also infallible and man is the author of the Bible”.
  19. Scripture teaches that Jesus is the only way, the truth, and the life. Serpent theology says “Jesus is not the only way or the only truth or the only life”.
  20. Scripture teaches that because salvation is by grace through faith, no one can boast. Serpent theology says “it is by works, not by faith” so in effect one CAN boast.
  21. Scripture teaches that ALL have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God. Serpent theology says “Mary didn’t sin, so Paul is wrong”.

The One Event Which Destroyed World Religions

Luke 23:39 Then one of the criminals who were hanged blasphemed Him, saying, “If You are the Christ, save Yourself and us.” 40 But the other, answering, rebuked him, saying, “Do you not even fear God, seeing you are under the same condemnation? 41 And we indeed justly, for we receive the due reward of our deeds; but this Man has done nothing wrong.” 42 Then he said to Jesus, “Lord, remember me when You come into Your kingdom.”

43 And Jesus said to him, “Assuredly, I say to you, today you will be with Me in Paradise.”

The account of the thieves on the cross with Jesus is often over looked, often ignored, often not understood, often twisted, and often secretly disdained by those held captive in a world religion. The account is brief and to the point, but it sums up Jesus’ salvation in a simple manner.

Jesus saving just one thief, yes one thief, utterly dismantles and destroys many modern religions in one full swoop! This salvation account should put many false pastors on the unemployment line and close many church doors, but I suspect they’ll continue to either twist the account and/or ignore it.

If we read what happened carefully we can ask one central question which is how was this thief saved? We know he was a criminal, he was being put to death with Jesus. We see he realizes that he is under condemnation, and that he understood that the wages for his sins was death. He asked Jesus one thing, “remember me when You come into your Kingdom”. Now some would say he was asking to be saved here, but his question did not ask that. He was simply asking Jesus to remember him, so common sense and logic would say he expected to be going to a different place, called hell. Otherwise, he would not have needed to ask Jesus for this request of “remembering”, because he’d be WITH Jesus in His Kingdom.

The dismantling and destruction of world religions came in the response Jesus gave, “Assuredly, I say to you, today you will be with Me in Paradise.” He obviously saved the criminal because Paradise is indeed in Heaven.

So as I heard one pastor say in reference to this account, if one could interview this saved criminal in heaven and ask “How did you get here?”, his response would shut down every false gospel that preaches conditions to salvation out there!!

His reply would not and could NOT be ANY of the following conditions, “well, I went to church every Sunday”, “I prayed to Mary”, “I did all these good works”, “I desired to baptized”, “I was baptized”, “I was a good person”, “I did more good things than bad things”, “I cracked the Bible code”, “I understood the doctrine of justification”, “I participated in the Lord’s Supper”, “I did a penance”, “I appealed to my dead relatives in heaven and saints”, “I was highly religious and said many prayers”, “I chose to be saved by my free-will choice”, “You see, I was just a better sinner than that other heathen criminal on his cross”, “I volunteered many times for the church”, “I was a good father to my family and took care of my children”, “I helped the poor and needy”, “I helped the elderly”, “I posted verses on social media”, “I was doused with ‘holy water’ and given Last Rites” or “I spent time in purgatory and received punishment and was prayed out of that place by others on earth”.

Indeed, he could not and would not be able to claim “I did” or “I didn’t” in anything regarding his salvation! But the ONLY answer would be, “I am here in heaven because of Jesus alone!” You see, by this one account we can see how intimate salvation truly is. The criminal did nothing, Jesus saved him! YES, it was and is this simple!

So if one asked you, “how are you going to heaven”, and your response is anything OTHER than “because of what Jesus did on my behalf”, sorry but you are not on your way to heaven. If your immediate response is “I” instead of “He”, you are most likely trapped in a world religion and traditions leading you not out of the gates of hell, but to remain behind those gates where you will continue to say “Lord, I did it”, and believe that you are doing something save yourself instead of believing Jesus can save you.

Roman Catholics even try to give the criminal a name “Dismas”, when there was no name given. Because the utter destruction of what they had been taught, wives stories about him need to concocted. They claim he was saved by “a baptism of desire”, that he desired to be baptized. And from the account, we know this isn’t true whatsoever. He had no idea what baptism was for one thing, and the other thing is the only thing he asked was that Jesus remember him while he was in hell.

In fact MANY world religions devise silly stories about this thief in a form of what we hear today as “fake news” or “disinformation”. They know if the account is taught in its true form, it would cast questions and doubt on their world religion. If told the truth, the congregation would then be asking, “why are you telling me I have to do all these things for Jesus to save me and grant me eternal life, when Jesus DID IT ALL?”

Because the account is so profound, world religions scramble when challenged. Many will try to say he was “saved under to old covenant”, or another gospel. They do this because of the obvious contradictions on what they are teaching and believing and what actually happened with this criminal.

To sum this up, the criminal’s salvation account is evidence of the one true Gospel! God saves the ungodly sinner by absolutely nothing they did, against their fallen will. The sinner can do NOTHING, Jesus DID it all! By His death and resurrection the sinner is saved, nothing more, nothing less. Placing just ONE condition outside of this would mean you are not saved. You are also mocking and scoffing how Jesus saves if how He saved this criminal would be beneath the way He could save you! That somehow your works would amplify the reason why Jesus could save you when NO WORK other than His could!!

In many of the books I wrote, I speak about this account because of where I personally came from which was a world religion and how it impacted my own witness and testimony. And HOW I now share the Gospel to those in need of salvation. I see the account so utterly destroying all the false preconceived notions on the why, how, and when one can be saved.

Jesus says, “come as you are!” not “clean yourself up first, and then I’ll think about it”. I hope those reading this salvation account this Easter will really think about how Jesus saves which is by grace alone through granted faith alone in Him alone. And I pray that those turned off or confused by a world religion will come to know the real living Jesus, the real Savior, and leave those false gospels!

What is Your Faith

Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.” (Rev 2:10c)

Many think that faith is a simple statement, “I believe in God” or “I believe in Jesus”. But a statement doesn’t equate to the full definition of faith. Faith is also living with that belief.

Many for example who say they place their faith in God would jump in front of a truck to save the life of their child or friend or family member, but wouldn’t do so if it meant it for God.

Jesus said “be faithful until death”, not “be faithful as much as you can”. It is a test whether you actually have faith and who your faith is in.

Some have faith in their career, their 401K, their family, their friends and they live their life in that faith. But it won’t save them from the eternal fire of hell.

Some place their faith in their worldly church, in religious participation, in church attendance, in biblical figures other than Jesus Christ. But it won’t save them from the eternal fire of hell.

When asked “what is your faith”, where does your mind go? Is it “well I am a Catholic”, or “I am a Lutheran” or “I am a Mormon”, “I am non-denominational”, etc? If so, your faith is not in God but in your identity as a religious celebrant.

Is your faith in your country, in political activists and political figures? Or in Hollywood movie actors? Great, so explain how that faith can save you from the eternal fire of hell.

If you are a Christian, if you are saved, your faith is in one person, Jesus Christ. Everything in your life STEMS from this faith. You treat others by this faith, you serve others by this faith alone. It is the number one priority in your life, growing this faith in Jesus. Everything else is a far distant second including even your children, your family, your career, your societal status.

In this faith, you’d go to prison, you’d be executed without even the slightest second thought. Just as every Apostle of Jesus, you would give up your life for the Gospel, you’d immediately leave your family if God asked you. Any other type of faith, is just talk.

So ask yourself if you claim to have faith in God, in Jesus Christ, are you at the drop of a hat totally and unwavering willing to go the distance? Meaning, would you give up your life? If not, you have been most likely deceived and use Jesus as a punchline to a faith you don’t really possess.

Does God Answer Prayers

The answer if God answers ALL and EVERY prayer said by humans on earth is unequivocally YES! He answers every single prayer no matter if you are a believer or unbeliever.

Some just read what I wrote and said “WAIT, He can’t answer the prayers of the unbeliever”, and I believe this may have been surmised without really thinking about it carefully because the answer can be “NO”, it can be “I am not going to grant you this”. So there is indeed always an answer!

I too am guilty of that preconceived notion that answering a prayer only means that God grants you what you asked. I was wrong, because like I said the answer can be “NO” or “NOT NOW” or “It is not according to My will”. And I received that answer many many times as do you!

So always pray in faith, whether the answer is yes or no, because God is always answering them. The closer you get in relationship with God the more you will be at peace with this. We are to pray as Jesus commanded that “His will be done”, meaning that we have faith in His perfect will and purpose.

There is no one on this earth who can tell you how God will answer your prayer. You can’t dress it up with lavish things thinking that this will convince Him to answer in the way you want. You can’t ask others to pray for you thinking this will somehow tip God in a lobbying favor on your behalf either. The only thing you can do is have FAITH that the answer will come, and whether it be yes or no, you rest in that answer.

Pray without ceasing as Paul said, meaning speak often to God, ask often, because your faith and relationship will grow. Thanking God always for His provision in your life is one of those constant prayers we all should be praying! God answers EVERY SINGLE PRAYER!

Book List

By the grace of God and to His glory alone I have published the following books all available on Amazon.

Forgiving Others as God Forgives

Written in 2012, a year after my rebirth, this book summarizes my view on forgiveness and how very important it is to forgive others as you have been forgiven by God.

The True Vine – A Commentary on John 15

Written also in 2012, this book is a verse by verse commentary on John 15.

Exposing False Teachers

Written in 2013, and revised in 2018, this book encompasses the world of false churches and teachers and my experience in how hard it was to navigate upon my rebirth. And how necessary discernment is in the modern version of the church.

A Note to the Hardened Heart

Written in 2014, this book was a favorite to write. It explores the fallen nature of God and provides examples of how just how hard the heart is before a rebirth.

A Note to the Hardened Heart

100 Days of Devotion to the King of kings

Written in 2015, a devotional and study for 100 days, which I hope challenged the reader each day to read and study more their faith.

The Roman Catholic Problem

Written in 2018, this was probably the most extensive work I have produced to date. Written in just 45 days, it covers mainly what I had witnessed for the past 7 years up to that point with interviews and debates with thousands of Catholics. I knew this work had legs because of the controversy and triggering it produced from Catholics. I tried not to pull any punches and the goal of the book was for Catholics to discern their faith and church.

A Christian Guide Through Insurmountable Loss

Written in 2020, another personal favorite. Having lost my beloved dog Leo to cancer, I decided to make a memoir and also a book to help others navigate the pain of a tremendous loss. Hopefully explaining why these types of losses occur and how God sustains us through them.

I published these books NOT as a money making endeavor but as my way to get the word out. I did not plan book tours or did I do it for any self gratification. It was simply my calling from God to use the experiences and knowledge I obtained to help others.

I do plan on writing future books, God willing!

It Will Be Hot and Miserable

Matthew 18:9 And if your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out and cast it from you. It is better for you to enter into life with one eye, rather than having two eyes, to be cast into hell fire.

Jesus referenced eternal hell over 70 times in the New Testament, and there are over 162 references in the same New Testament to this eternal place. The seriousness of this cannot be overlooked, but it is by the masses of people who scoff, mock, and ignore it each day, including by those who claim to be Christians.

The prevailing thought is “I am a good person, God won’t send me there”. Or some who actually believe they are evil saying “hell will be a party with all my friends”. This eternal dreadful place is even glorified in songs such as “Hells Bells” by ACDC where thousands of ignorant fans sing along at a baseball or football game.

Jesus promises two things only, there will be “weeping and gnashing of teeth”. A dark place with no hope, no love, no community, no light. Just torment, extreme pain and suffering for an eternity. Imagine having a cancerous condition which will never go away and no pain meds to ease your suffering. Or viewing a child of yours for an eternity being tormented by demons and you can only watch. Or just a dark hole where there is no light, as you sit there in your tormented thoughts for an eternity.

Hell is not going to be a party! It is far from any semblance of any joy or happiness, indeed there will be neither nor the hope for either. Am I as they say trying to “scare the hell” out of you? Possibly, but God can only do this if He so wills.

All it takes to be sent there is JUST ONE SIN! Just one sin defiles God’s holiness, the judgment at that time is GUILTY and hell is your dwelling place. I don’t make the rules, God did however. We broke the law, and the guilty verdict comes instantaneously. Meaning there isn’t some time in the future where you can argue your way out of your sin, God hands the judgment down at the moment you sinned.

There is just ONE WAY out of this hellish predicament. His name is Jesus Christ. As the guilty verdict was instantaneous, so can be His forgiveness of ALL your sins, yes every single one of them! And if forgiven, your new desire is to repent, to turn away, from your sins. By which you now stand redeemed, God places you in Christ, and then there is no possible way to be sent to hell. This is the Good News!

So what really is preventing you from placing your faith alone in Jesus? Do you love your sins all the more and look forward to an eternity of hellish darkness and despair? Do you just want that temporary gratification of your lusts and foul living? Is it easier to mock God and condemn faith in Jesus Christ as some useless religious fanaticism? If so, eternal hell is what is coming for you as surely as the sun rose this morning.

In the passage above, Jesus uses an analogy on how serious this sin problem is. Without Him as He explained, it would be better to mutilate your body so as that you don’t sin. This is IF you believe you can somehow remain sinless and thus you would have no need for His redemption. It flies in the face of those who believe man was born perfect, holy, and good instead of fallen in nature or those who think “I am a good person, God can’t send me to hell”.


Are You The Natural Man?

1 Corinthians 2:14 “But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

Because humans are fallen in nature, there are things that come naturally to us. If born again, that fallen nature has become a new nature in every way. So the same things which were natural to you before are no longer part of your nature.

Sadly, many have been deceived either by a church, a friend, a spouse, a parent, and some who call themselves Christians because they still live as the “natural man”, but someone told them “you are a Christian”.

So I thought of list of some natural things (dead in sin) so that you can examine whether or not you have been deceived. These things are part of our fallen nature, and if you are living this way, as Paul labeled, you are a “natural man” or “natural human being”.

In homage to Psalm 51, here are 51 things I thought of (I am sure there are more) that describe the natural man. These characteristics would be unnatural for the born-again believer. It doesn’t mean you aren’t still in the process of repenting and growing or that you are perfect, but what it does mean is that doing any of these things would seem unnatural to you.

  1. You doubt or do not believe that an Almighty God exists. However worldly religions such as evolution, climate change, political ideologies are believed and defended.
  2. You feel no need to repent of sin and avoid anyone telling you to do so and see them as “hypocrites”. After all, you are in effect your own god and will decide and choose what is best for you.
  3. You make up your own rules on morality, purely subjectively or what society is going with today because “everyone believes it”. As stated in point 2, you are your own god and the Almighty God must bow to your wishes and choices or He is to be discarded.
  4. The Gospel is a turn off, anyone speaking on the Bible is boring or annoying. You see going to church as a annoyance and chore or just as a merit point with God. “I’m good for the week now”. Your remember really nothing from your church attending, but possibly a joke the pastor told.
  5. You have really no time to study the Bible when and if anyone prompts you to, it turns your stomach. The Bible to you is nothing more than a good luck charm. You’ll swear on that Bible, but then lie seamlessly and rationalize it.
  6. You doubt the Bible’s authenticity, its sufficiency, and rather seek to disprove its inerrancy and standard for truth. The Bible in your view is always secondary to your worldview or church.
  7. Your idea of “goodness” is that you aren’t committing nasty sins as those criminals in prison and that you volunteered or did a good deed for someone in your life. “I am not like THOSE people”….
  8. You believe that if there is a heaven, God should let you in because you are overall a “good person”. And if there is a hell, that place could only be reserved for the likes of Hitler or Stalin, the mass murderers and rapists, never you or your friends/family.
  9. You seek to rationalize lustful behavior, or living in sin, and sexual immorality. Those who question you are shunned and ostracized.
  10. You compare yourself to others as the standard of “holiness” or “goodness”. And in effect and by what you believe, your standard for love is better than God’s biblical standard of love because you can tolerate sin in your life and other’s sins but God can’t.
  11. You are closed minded when it comes to the church you attended, and will not listen to anyone. What you were taught as a child in your mind cannot be changed.
  12. You seem to use most often, “thou shall not judge me”, as your defense of your sinful behavior. But you have no problem judging and condemning others by your self righteousness.
  13. Because you don’t believe the Bible, you’d rather believe in man’s version of Christianity and traditions.
  14. You are superstitious, you read horoscopes, you are into yoga, you believe in mediums and sorcery. You believe in good luck and bad luck, and Karma.
  15. Your political party trumps biblical teaching on morals, laws, standards. You live your daily life obsessing on whether your political party wins the day or argument.
  16. A political person is idolized by you, and is propped up as your earthly god and you spend most of your time defending them.
  17. You see Christians who speak about their faith as “Bible bangers” or with other degrading slurs.
  18. Cursing and foul mouthed language is your second language, and don’t even realize it.
  19. Your affinity to inane gossip engrosses your life, you spend way more time talking about others than Jesus Christ. But you are more than wiling to take God’s name in vain.
  20. You see many roads leading to heaven, not just one way. To you, there is no one right “religion”.
  21. You abuse the verse “and God made them in His image” as a way to justify immorality.
  22. You easily confuse lust for love and have no problem with it. You compromise and appease the sin of lust in sexual immorality and call it love.
  23. You mock and ridicule Jesus with ease, and believe you are funny. In this you tell and laugh at profane and crude jokes about God, about Jesus, about Christianity, and about those who share their faith.
  24. You live your life as “to thine own self be true”, whatever makes you the most happy at the moment.
  25. You see sin as a convenience, not as an evil transgression. You mock others who speak out about sin and evil, again believing it is funny.
  26. You lead your children into your own sins, and justify it because you are the parent.
  27. You use God as your cosmic ATM machine in your prayers. He is only called upon when you NEED something.
  28. You try to make insane deals with God “if You do this, I will only then do this”.
  29. Pride is one of your best qualities, you are a very stubborn and proud person but won’t admit to this.
  30. When called to forgive, you’d rather just hold a lifelong grudge. Your idea of forgiveness is better than God’s idea in your mind.
  31. When told to drop people who cause you to sin, you can’t and don’t. Your social status is much more important than your faith. And your feelings are the priority no matter if it is right or wrong.
  32. When told you are a filthy rotten wicked sinner, your rage pumps up to a 10. You’d rather eat glass than to admit that you are indeed a sinner like everyone else.
  33. When told to discern your faith, discern your church, because of pride you become obstinate and incorrigible.
  34. When witnessing evil and sin, if it doesn’t affect you personally, you are apathetic. Appeasement and tolerance of sin is your mainstay while claiming to be a good righteous person.
  35. You rely on other biblical figures outside of Jesus to help you into heaven. Avoiding idolatry is just a suggestion to you.
  36. When told to place your faith alone in Jesus, it greatly upsets you, and you recoil because that cannot be the only way for salvation. Jesus to you is merely a good teacher, a prophet, but not someone to be worshipped as God. Your version of Jesus is a sandal wearing sissified long haired hippy, He overlooks and tolerates sinful behaviors because that is who He is to you.
  37. You pray to others in heaven, because somehow God won’t listen to you otherwise. You spend more time talking to dead relatives or others (who can’t hear you) than to God.
  38. Your unhealthy sinful living is a red line for anyone who points it out. They are just “hypocrites” as your way to rationalize your life.
  39. You believe there are sins which are modernized and now legal because those sins are outdated.
  40. You live by moral relativism, not by Biblical standards. The truth is what you make of it. To you, religion and Christianity is just a way to control the masses, you have your own compass which is better.
  41. You are an incorrigible and bitter person when it comes to some subjects, and when challenges you on those subjects, those people just became your enemy.
  42. The more time passes, the more you justify your past sin. The further time passes, the less the sin becomes.
  43. You pick and choose what commandments you can keep and then see yourself as a “good person”.
  44. You pick and choose what Bible verses fit your life, and discard the rest and the context.
  45. If other people are doing it in your mind, you see it as normal and good. You won’t question things any further as to not to offend or hurt someone’s feelings. Your motto is “live and let live” as a way to rationalize and justify this.
  46. You use your friends and family as an excuse as to why you are the way you are. It is never really your fault or responsibility.
  47. You use your school, or community, or job as an excuse as to why you are the way you are.
  48. Nothing is more important to you than worldly awards, your 401K, your family, your social media status and the amount of followers and likes you get on your comments and posts. You aren’t concerned at where you’ll be in the next 100 years, but just the next 5.
  49. You are not seeking eternity with God, just living a good long life and having a decent obituary and having many people attend your funeral and say nice things about you.
  50. The priority of things you look forward to are things of this world, friends, vacations, weddings, your career, family, children, hobbies, drug use, alcohol use, sexual immorality, revenge, and generally things which make you happy.
  51. It is never God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, it is always ME, MYSELF, and I as your worldview and mindset. You’ll put your life on the line for a family member, but never God (and by this if you really think carefully on this “never God”, by no matter what you say you believe, you are not God’s child).