Book List

By the grace of God and to His glory alone I have published the following books all available on Amazon.

Forgiving Others as God Forgives

Written in 2012, a year after my rebirth, this book summarizes my view on forgiveness and how very important it is to forgive others as you have been forgiven by God.

The True Vine – A Commentary on John 15

Written also in 2012, this book is a verse by verse commentary on John 15.

Exposing False Teachers

Written in 2013, and revised in 2018, this book encompasses the world of false churches and teachers and my experience in how hard it was to navigate upon my rebirth. And how necessary discernment is in the modern version of the church.

A Note to the Hardened Heart

Written in 2014, this book was a favorite to write. It explores the fallen nature of God and provides examples of how just how hard the heart is before a rebirth.

A Note to the Hardened Heart

100 Days of Devotion to the King of kings

Written in 2015, a devotional and study for 100 days, which I hope challenged the reader each day to read and study more their faith.

The Roman Catholic Problem

Written in 2018, this was probably the most extensive work I have produced to date. Written in just 45 days, it covers mainly what I had witnessed for the past 7 years up to that point with interviews and debates with thousands of Catholics. I knew this work had legs because of the controversy and triggering it produced from Catholics. I tried not to pull any punches and the goal of the book was for Catholics to discern their faith and church.

A Christian Guide Through Insurmountable Loss

Written in 2020, another personal favorite. Having lost my beloved dog Leo to cancer, I decided to make a memoir and also a book to help others navigate the pain of a tremendous loss. Hopefully explaining why these types of losses occur and how God sustains us through them.

I published these books NOT as a money making endeavor but as my way to get the word out. I did not plan book tours or did I do it for any self gratification. It was simply my calling from God to use the experiences and knowledge I obtained to help others.

I do plan on writing future books, God willing!

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