Does God Answer Prayers

The answer if God answers ALL and EVERY prayer said by humans on earth is unequivocally YES! He answers every single prayer no matter if you are a believer or unbeliever.

Some just read what I wrote and said “WAIT, He can’t answer the prayers of the unbeliever”, and I believe this may have been surmised without really thinking about it carefully because the answer can be “NO”, it can be “I am not going to grant you this”. So there is indeed always an answer!

I too am guilty of that preconceived notion that answering a prayer only means that God grants you what you asked. I was wrong, because like I said the answer can be “NO” or “NOT NOW” or “It is not according to My will”. And I received that answer many many times as do you!

So always pray in faith, whether the answer is yes or no, because God is always answering them. The closer you get in relationship with God the more you will be at peace with this. We are to pray as Jesus commanded that “His will be done”, meaning that we have faith in His perfect will and purpose.

There is no one on this earth who can tell you how God will answer your prayer. You can’t dress it up with lavish things thinking that this will convince Him to answer in the way you want. You can’t ask others to pray for you thinking this will somehow tip God in a lobbying favor on your behalf either. The only thing you can do is have FAITH that the answer will come, and whether it be yes or no, you rest in that answer.

Pray without ceasing as Paul said, meaning speak often to God, ask often, because your faith and relationship will grow. Thanking God always for His provision in your life is one of those constant prayers we all should be praying! God answers EVERY SINGLE PRAYER!

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