What is Your Faith

Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.” (Rev 2:10c)

Many think that faith is a simple statement, “I believe in God” or “I believe in Jesus”. But a statement doesn’t equate to the full definition of faith. Faith is also living with that belief.

Many for example who say they place their faith in God would jump in front of a truck to save the life of their child or friend or family member, but wouldn’t do so if it meant it for God.

Jesus said “be faithful until death”, not “be faithful as much as you can”. It is a test whether you actually have faith and who your faith is in.

Some have faith in their career, their 401K, their family, their friends and they live their life in that faith. But it won’t save them from the eternal fire of hell.

Some place their faith in their worldly church, in religious participation, in church attendance, in biblical figures other than Jesus Christ. But it won’t save them from the eternal fire of hell.

When asked “what is your faith”, where does your mind go? Is it “well I am a Catholic”, or “I am a Lutheran” or “I am a Mormon”, “I am non-denominational”, etc? If so, your faith is not in God but in your identity as a religious celebrant.

Is your faith in your country, in political activists and political figures? Or in Hollywood movie actors? Great, so explain how that faith can save you from the eternal fire of hell.

If you are a Christian, if you are saved, your faith is in one person, Jesus Christ. Everything in your life STEMS from this faith. You treat others by this faith, you serve others by this faith alone. It is the number one priority in your life, growing this faith in Jesus. Everything else is a far distant second including even your children, your family, your career, your societal status.

In this faith, you’d go to prison, you’d be executed without even the slightest second thought. Just as every Apostle of Jesus, you would give up your life for the Gospel, you’d immediately leave your family if God asked you. Any other type of faith, is just talk.

So ask yourself if you claim to have faith in God, in Jesus Christ, are you at the drop of a hat totally and unwavering willing to go the distance? Meaning, would you give up your life? If not, you have been most likely deceived and use Jesus as a punchline to a faith you don’t really possess.

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