Facets of Serpent Theology

Serpent theology goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden when he deceived Adam and Eve (Genesis 3:1-7). The twisted demonic theology was designed to cast doubt on God and His promises. This serpent theology lives on in many forms, and below is a brief list I have personally seen.

  1. Scripture says “the just shall live by faith”. Serpent theology says “the just shall live by their works instead”
  2. Scripture says there is a direct unimpeded line to Jesus by faith alone for the forgiveness of sin. Serpent theology says “NO! You must seek another sinner and a religious sacrament to absolve you of your sins, place your faith in Mary to lobby on your behalf”.
  3. Scripture says to be saved “fix your eyes onto Jesus alone”. Serpent theology says “fix your eyes on Mary instead, your works, your religious involvement”.
  4. Scripture teaches that salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone. Serpent theology says “salvation is by what you do, not what Jesus did”.
  5. Scripture teaches that it is God who chose to be saved and all deserve justice, not mercy. Serpent theology says “the sinners chooses, and God is hateful if He doesn’t by default just owe everyone salvation”.
  6. Scripture teaches that idolatry is a dreadful sin. Serpent theology says “are you sure it is idolatry?” and then goes onto twist Scripture to make it seem as the practice is not idolatry.
  7. Scripture teaches that God is omniscient, all knowing, that He doesn’t obtain knowledge. Serpent theology teaches that God can change His mind and that He learns things from mankind and reacts accordingly. Man is sovereign over God in serpent theology.
  8. Scripture teaches that Jesus loses NO sinner granted to Him. Serpent theology says “a sinner can lose their salvation” meaning Jesus does lose His sheep. Serpent theology will attempt to claim Jesus lied about not losing nothing of His inheritance to hell.
  9. Scripture teaches that when a sinner is saved, eternal life with Jesus has been granted. Serpent theology says “when a sinner is saved, he or she must work then to gain eternal life”, that Jesus didn’t make that promise of eternal life to immediately encompass salvation.
  10. Scripture says Jesus paid the full punishment for the sins of His children. Serpent theology says “Jesus did not pay the full price, there is after death punishment”.
  11. Scripture teaches that when Jesus saves a sinner, they have been redeemed in FULL, that the debt of sin is cancelled. Serpent theology says “you are only redeemed until you sin again, the debt remains”.
  12. Scripture teaches that God saves the ungodly in their sins. Serpent theology says “God will only save the godly who did enough good deeds and religious things in the end”.
  13. Scripture teaches that man is fallen in nature based on Adam’s sin. Serpent theology says “all are born perfect in nature, you are totally able to remain sinless”.
  14. Scripture teaches that until one is born-again, you will not believe. Serpent theology says “you are capable to place saving faith in Jesus before you are born-again” negating the reason WHY one must be born-again.
  15. Scripture teaches that man is totally depraved. Serpent theology says “Man is not dead in their sins and trespasses”.
  16. Scripture teaches that the Holy Spirit is the seal and guarantee of the saved sinner of whom He indwells. Serpent theology says “there is no seal or guarantee, so work harder to save yourself” always negating the Holy Spirit who Jesus promised to send.
  17. Scripture teaches that anyone can be enlightened to God’s truth. Serpent theology says “only a handful can be enlightened and interpret Scripture”. Again negating the Holy Spirit.
  18. Scripture teaches that God is the only infallible being and He is the Author of Scripture. Serpent theology says “man is also infallible and man is the author of the Bible”.
  19. Scripture teaches that Jesus is the only way, the truth, and the life. Serpent theology says “Jesus is not the only way or the only truth or the only life”.
  20. Scripture teaches that because salvation is by grace through faith, no one can boast. Serpent theology says “it is by works, not by faith” so in effect one CAN boast.
  21. Scripture teaches that ALL have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God. Serpent theology says “Mary didn’t sin, so Paul is wrong”.

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