You are GUILTY

Every last human being who walked this earth other than Jesus Christ has been deemed GUILTY by God of sin!

You can think you are a better sinner than others, but that doesn’t make you less guilty. The verdict from God comes in immediately upon sin. He isn’t mulling it over, waiting for your defense attorney to plead your case so that He would somehow deem you innocent. He isn’t taking in your volunteer work, that you viewed yourself as a kind and caring person, or your religious involvement in your church either. None of this can over turn the verdict of GUILTY.

This is the common misunderstanding believed by many who call themselves godly Christians, that if you work hard enough, God can declare you innocent. I just saw a video of a street preacher declaring this falsehood, “in the end God will either declare you guilty or innocent”. When in fact ALL will be declared guilty! Yes even that 2 year old child you think is innocent has been already found guilty by God.

So with this dreadful bad news, there is good news! The only thing left is your sentence of which by His grace and mercy, God has sent a Savior Jesus Christ. By whose sacrifice provided a way for a sinner to be pardoned, to be completely forgiven. The sinner being found guilty is set free from the wrath of God! This my friend, is the Gospel in a nutshell. If you are following something else, it isn’t the Good News recorded in Scripture.

If you do believe Jesus can pardon you of your sins, what is preventing you from placing your faith alone in Him? Is it your church who put up a roadblock of legalism? Is it your worldview? Ask yourself, if Jesus is the ONLY WAY you could be forgiven, pardoned, by God, why would you shirk Him? If you think you can implore a loophole with God’s justice, you will be sadly mistaken.

On Judgment Day, ALL will be declared guilty. However those who have placed their faith in Jesus alone, He being the only Mediator, will be shown to be pardoned and forgiven for all eternity. Those seeking to be deemed “innocent” by your works, by your actions, will sadly discover God never changed the guilty verdict and without a Mediator, your sentence remains which is eternal hell.

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