The Powerful Testimony of Camille Jolly

In 2014, something amazing happened again, God added to His church a person named Camille Jolly. She was a French citizen who actually travelled by a cargo boat to the U.S. to Texas to thank some ministers she was listening to on the Internet. She was born into an atheist family, was drawn by God, was pursued by a false gospel of Roman Catholicism but in the end her devotion and faith to the word of God won out.

The video below is her actual first testimony upon arriving in the U.S. It is so genuine and authentic! Imagine God sending you in front of a large congregation just after your rebirth to share your testimony, this would be your FIRST stop. She is understandable very nervous, but listen to her explain she is trusting God in this and the testimony comes out beautifully. Many can relate to the same set of ups, downs, confusion, and the realized drawing from God one can go through in a rebirth.

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