A Time When the Demons Show Up

If you have been a Christian witnessing the Gospel to the unbelieving world, you probably know those times when the demons show up to attack your faith, attack God, and start accusing. A specific time to be ready for them would be the sad occurrences and tragedies which might befallen you.

They’ll basically come and say “where is your God? You see, I was right, you don’t have the faith you keep saying you have”, and all sorts of things such as this. Little do they care or understand that just because one has been saved by Jesus Christ, it doesn’t mean we are in our eternal Kingdom, we are still living in a fallen world and the rain still falls on us. That being a Christian doesn’t make you suddenly immune of the decrepit rotten diseases and things of this world. But what it does mean, is you are at peace knowing this is NOT your home, because you have been granted eternal life with Jesus, your eternal home which free from torment, disease, sadness, and sin awaits you.

I recall when my dog Leo came down with cancer in late 2019 and eventually perished in March of 2020, while receiving MUCH support from many I would have never expected it from, much of demon attacks and accusing came from those I didn’t expect it to come from. Some of this from my OWN FAMILY who are still indoctrinated in Roman Catholicism took that opportunity to have a party basically at Leo’s expense. And in this demon sense claiming that the Gospel I was now preaching and sharing was a bust because God was somehow punishing me. How WRONG they were and continue to be wrong!

Again, being put into the Kingdom will not give you immunity from a fallen world. Even Jesus wasn’t immune from the persecution, torture, the horrors, the utter depravity of this world. So what makes these demon minded people think it would be different for a saved Christian?

So, be prepared for these attacks. Preach the Gospel and the peace and rest that it brings! These demon minded sinners will be left to their babbling and wallowing, and will flee, or if it was God’s will serve notice to them that their attack failed miserably. That the tragedy didn’t break your faith!

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