The False Comparison

Because false world religions have been around for long time and influenced by Satan, the prevailing thought by a casual person when asked about their prospects in the next life is they should be able to enter heaven because they are a “good person” overall.

The humanistic mindset is a false comparison which is “me vs other sinners”. You might think because you are a weekly church goer, a fine upstanding member of the community, that God is using your false comparison. When ALL ALONG the comparison was always YOU vs. AN ETERNAL HOLY GOD. That’s the comparison God is making.

With a false comparison as mentioned, the standard is also false. You might think “I am not like those serial murderers, adulterers, habitual liars, profane and perverted sexual deviants, cheaters, etc.” and then think “I am good”, but are you? You might be good to a sinful society, but when put up against an eternal holy God who never sinned, not even a sinful thought, absolutely perfect in every way, are you still good? NO! NOT EVEN CLOSE!

But you might protest now, “God is love, He isn’t doing that”, when all along He was! It is why those in Matt 7:21-23 Jesus said would be quite surprised when He said “I NEVER knew you”. The protest also is “if that is the standard who can be saved?”. The answer is those who place their faith alone in Jesus Christ and let me explain why.

God is love, this is the truth. By this love, there was only ONE WAY to quell His wrath based on your sins. A sacrifice by a perfect lamb was His condition. So by grace and mercy alone, Jesus left His eternal throne not on His behalf, but YOUR behalf. He loved you so much, that He was willing to subjugate His own deity and become man, incarnated, born of a virgin in a lonely stable, to live and then march to die on YOUR behalf! He took on God’s wrath so you would MEET God’s standard of perfection, of which Jesus is the ONLY one who did. He paid your debt of sin, not because you were worthy, but because He was worthy! No greater love than this as He said, to lay down one’s life for a friend. The question is are you His friend or His enemy?

His friends surrender to the truth I just wrote, His enemies protest against that truth. And yes, an enemy of His would believe they could somehow save themselves by meeting His standard of perfection by their inherent false “goodness”. I have spoken this truth many many times, and some scorn me, they scoff, and they mock because again the false comparison is them vs. me, when again it is always them vs. God.

I am not your Savior, nor would I ever claim to be your Savior. Jesus Christ is your Savior! If you continue to make a false comparison, you will sadly realize on your Judgment Day just how wrong that was and will regret it for an eternity in the pit of hell. There are no in-betweens with God. Your plea will be dismissed as soon as you try to make that false comparison.

Are you ready to surrender to the truth finally? Or will you go on being an enemy of Jesus thinking all the while you were His ally. Compare yourself to God now. When you do, you will discover a wretched, rotten, sinner who failed to meet God’s standard, and when you do, you will submit that there is just one way out of this mess, and it is through the person and work of Jesus Christ. Place your faith alone in Him and you shall be saved. Key word “alone”, not Him and others, not Him and yourself, not Him and your church, just Him alone!

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