Does Your Love Exceed God’s

A prevailing sentiment in a fallen society is the wrong idea that human love trumps God’s love. The God of Scripture for example is not tolerant of sin, but you are, thus you ignorantly believe your brand of love is much better than God’s love.

Take the case of Roe v. Wade being overturned just yesterday. A 50 year slog of unrepentance and murder finally extinguished on a national level. Some who actually view themselves as Christian call it unloving if a woman does not have the choice to murder her baby in her womb. God would call it sinful, but according to this false ideology, He just isn’t loving enough?

Tolerating sin is NOT God’s love! You aren’t being loving to a person living in open and unadulterated sin by just looking the other way and accepting of their lifestyle. You are actually pushing them off the cliff into eternal hell while claiming YOU should be saved? No! Sorry, God doesn’t work this way.

If you read the accounts in Scripture where Jesus confronted sinners, He never accepted their sins or just tolerated them. He rather spoke of JUDGMENT against those sins, and confronted more often religious people who thought they were just more loving than Him.

Satan and his minions have cast Jesus as this weak feeble minded sin appeaser. That He is tolerant, accepting, compromising and appeases sin in all forms. Look! God doesn’t throw sin into hell, but SINNERS! So that whole line of “hate the sin, love the sinner” is a misguided distortion. Yes, we are to LOVE other sinners, but that LOVE encompasses the brutal honest truth on SIN. You aren’t loving another sinner by ignoring the sin problem which has them on a path to eternal hell. Furthermore by tolerating sin, you are tolerating the crucifixion of Jesus because He went to the Cross for those sins.

Nor will they ever even entertain the Good News you share if you ignore their sin problem. Why should they? You don’t see it as a problem or issue, so why should they? And so I am making myself clear, I am NOT saying you should run around pointing out the sins of others WITHOUT explaining why it is a problem and WITHOUT the remedy they need which is the Gospel.

Here’s a useful exercise with others I employ.

I ask “have you sinned against God?” If the answer is “yes” (which it should be), I then tell them by this they are GUILTY of that sin, God has already rendered their judgment. So then I ask “how do you think you will get out of this judgment?”. The progression is to finally share with them the remedy, the Good News of Jesus Christ. I don’t care how many sins or what the sin is, just ONE sin puts all of us into a GUILTY judgment and the ONLY thing left is the sentence of “pardoned/forgiven/justified” which the gift is eternal life with God or “unforgiven” and the eternal punishment of hell .

Your love NEVER exceeds God’s love! Don’t fall into Satan’s trap! Tolerating sin, is to tolerate Jesus being spit on, mocked, and ridiculed repeatedly. He died for those sins you are tolerating!

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