Roe v Wade – an American Shame

On Friday, June 24, 2022 after almost 50 years of a court decision which legalized abortion nationally, that decision was overturned by 5 courageous judges. This was always predicted to send those who saw it as a right or choice into a highly bitter and angry outrage.

The problem some always have had with this debate was approaching this from a strictly religious standpoint. The argument was not going to be won by saying “the Bible teaches that it is murder”, when the vast amount of Americans don’t believe in God or use the Bible as their sole rule of faith. The decision by the Supreme Court was on the basic “right” which was never a Constitutional right, thus the original decision was always in error. The overturn was not on the basis of a “woman’s choice” or even the Bible’s proclamation that murder is evil, it was based on that “right” and who controls that “right”.

Personally, I never understood the “my body my choice” argument, and I was not always a Christian, honestly I have been one for just 11 years now. Before this point, I viewed it from a moral standpoint. The question for me was do you have the right to murder a person, and yes, the unborn person from a scientific standpoint was always a person. Something always seemed morally WRONG with this, as it was basically saying “my life would be inconvenienced, so I choose to murder my baby”. And I am NOT saying I am some morally righteous person all my life, because I am definitely a wicked wretched sinner which have committed many morally wrong things! But it doesn’t mean that question could not be asked “do I have the moral right to kill another human life because that person inconveniences me”.

The evil of the mindset can be summed up by Ana Navarro, a CNN contributor who said she could have only wished her special needs family members could have been aborted so that they would not have burdened her or her family. Put religion aside, is this a morally acceptable sentiment? Quite frankly, IT ISN’T no matter if you follow a religion or God! The morality from a basic humanity component fails! No one could ever convince me this is not purely about murder, it has nothing to do with “choice” or bodily autonomy and Navarro spoke the quiet part what this is really about, the free lawful murder of a human life.

If asked “why do you care about what I do with my body?” My response is, “I don’t, I care about the life that you want to kill, the one that gets thrown in the trash just like I would if one was held at gun point”.

The purely selfish aspect I never understood either, and again I was VERY selfish in many ways, but this was a bridge too far for me. Those who advocate for pro-choice have always said this is a choice which must be the woman’s because it is HER body. From a moral standpoint, what is the difference if you didn’t like one living with you, and it was your house, having the same choice to just kill that individual? For me, it never had anything to do with attacking a woman’s health or her bodily autonomy, it has EVERYTHING to do with that person being murdered in her womb. And the excuse always being “that life would greatly inconvenience mine” in the various talking points for abortion.

Sorry, but you don’t get to say “unless you help me financially and support me, I get to kill my baby guilt free.” This would be like someone running around holding others at gun point and demanding a ransom or they pull the trigger.

After my rebirth, the pro-life meaning for me personally brought on new meanings, however I understood that those new meanings could never convince those who defended the pro-choice sentiment. Unless they too were born-again, and if the Gospel did not change their heart, it didn’t matter how many biblical verses I could cite denoting the evil with abortion, the unbeliever would never care. It didn’t mean that I was not going to share the Gospel, because I have, it means that unless the sinner repented, they were not going to change their view based on the Bible’s edicts.

The over turn of Roe v Wade did not outlaw abortion, rather it gives each state’s elected representatives to decide on whether to outlaw it, to restrict it, etc. The extremists would have you believe different, because they desire unfettered and unlimited abortion. In my view, it does now force those in some states who made a living on abortion and pro-life all their life, to now ante up and either defend the murder of the unborn or actually defend life.

To the Christians reading this. I have said this even before my conversion, but I do not believe you can be a Christian and advocate for the murder of the unborn. It is antithetical to Christianity. Your sole job is to preach the Gospel to the lost, you are not their converters. But there can be no compromise, no appeasement to abortion in Christ’s church despite any highly charged emotional argument which is raised. Let’s face it, the tares among the wheat as Jesus taught, do expose themselves when they claim Christianity yet advocate for abortion. Or a church which doesn’t take a position on the question of abortion as to not offend its congregants, is also saying they are not of Christ.

To the one who may have had an abortion and were told they were going to hell? And believe now all hope is all lost? I am here to tell you that hope is not lost! Jesus promised that if you confess your sins and place your faith alone in Him, you shall be saved just like every sinner. Abortion is like every other sin which has separated us from God’s holiness, and the only way to rectify this is by the person and work of Jesus Christ! God demands that we repent, we turn away from our sins, and follow Jesus Christ.

I applaud all those believers and unbelievers for that matter who fought against this morally wrong “right” to abort a human life for the past 50 years. You stood in the breach of shame, sometimes to detriments of relationships, careers, friendships, and family. Just know God was with you!

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