The Culture of Death

“The wages of SIN is death” (ref Romans 6:23)

There is NO SUCH THING AS NEUTRALITY when it comes to sin and death!

If you just woke up after a 50 year sleep, you might not realize that America has promoted and advocated a culture of death since 1973, probably much longer than this, but with the overturn of Roe V Wade last Friday it should become quite evident.

Politicians such as Elizabeth Warren in her zeal for this culture of death and her anger, are now advocating that the government to use Federal lands in states where abortion would be illegal to set up abortion mills/murder factories. While an overwhelming number do support this demonic deathly idea.

Major corporations have immediately set up plans for women who work for them to actually pay them to travel to states where abortion/murder is still legalized. There is NO SUCH talk for life by these same companies, support for women in their pregnancies.

If these aren’t clear examples of the culture of death, let me give you one more. Upon the leaking of the decision to overturn Roe v Wade, pregnancy centers designed to help expectant mothers and churches which have helped expectant mothers for decades were burned down, defaced with obscenities, lives threatened, and the actual murder attempt on one of the SCOTUS judges. This was all due for the absolute zeal for the culture of death in this country.

You may have been naïve to believe or think the USA was a Christian nation in 2022. It might have been at one point in time, but it clearly has not been. Many who claim to be Christians either remain silent or are also angry at the overturn of the law which allowed mothers to murder their children. Or they say “that sin might be bad for me, but they might not see it that way”, so they believe remaining neutral on the sin of abortion is their way to justify it.

The culture of death can also be seen in anyone under the age of 50 who are vitriolic and angered at this SCOTUS decision. I ask you to REALLY think about this! They are actually mad that a law which could have snuffed out their own life in a second in the womb was overturned. Sadly 64 million human beings couldn’t say the same thing!

And let’s use some common sense, if the USA was a majority Christian nation, why in the world did Roe V Wade stay in place for 50 years? Why did it come to be in the first place? No! The devil’s hoodwink was to deceive Americans into believing murdering the life of the unborn was somehow sanctimonious, a virtue, a guilt free killing.

So if you were deceived, I am here to tell you that the Gospel MUST be presented in full truth! There are too many false churches and teachers in this country which either advocated, appeased, compromised, or remained silent on this culture of DEATH! As I said before, abortion is just one sin which condemns a sinner, it should never be tossed aside or taught as a guilt free sin. If you LOVE your neighbor as Jesus said, then TELL THEM THE TRUTH!! It might cost you a relationship, it might cost you a friendship, a career, SO BE IT! If you love God, you will hate the things He hates! There is NO MIDDLE GROUND here! Either you are for the culture of death or you are against it.

You cannot remain neutral in the face of evil and this culture of death!

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