Heart Breaks

If you are an atheist, an unbeliever in God, a common question I pose to you is why would you or anyone for that matter would go through a heart break? I mean if we are just like every inanimate object or animate being, why do we experience heart break?

The fact is because we can feel and experience loss would preclude we are more than just a body of flesh. We have a conscience, we feel things, we have emotions. There is more to you than just a body, you have something called a soul or spirit. Where did that come from? And why don’t other creatures experience the same experience in the depths of a heart break?

Could it be that you were created by an Intelligent Designer, and your very DNA gave you the ability to experience all sorts of emotions and hurt? If not, tell me where it came from, or rather PROVE to me it came from anywhere else.

And the fact that I personally can almost remember in the slightest detail every major heart break in life, what was said, what happened, where I was when it happened, tells me that I am more than this body of flesh. You would need to be quite intellectually dishonest with yourself in order to NOT believe you are more than a body. Where did those feelings of guilt and right vs wrong come from? If you were just a highly evolved creature, every creature should be experiencing guilt and mortifying hurt, but the survey says this is NOT the case. You won’t find a Vet prescribing psychotropic drugs to a chicken or a duck or even a dog, because they do not possess a human being’s innate emotional behavior.

The fact is the Almighty God, the Intelligent Designer, the Creator made human beings different than everything else on the planet. Your DNA and intelligence is much higher in the category of a being than everything else. But above all, you have a conscience, an inherent sense of good vs bad, and can feel guilt, you can feel sadness and happiness, and with this a memory. The lowest IQ human being on the planet is in my estimation is one thousand times smarter than the next creature God created. Let that sink in. You might think some animals are smarter, but are they? What is their memory span? Can they speak a language or more than one language and understand it simultaneously? How many emotions do they really possess? What logical reasoning do they possess other than fight or flight survival and reproduction? Sure, some animals can exhibit reasoning, but only by simulation and reward, not by any innate functioning in their brains.

A dog can exhibit empathy, but this is a learned behavior from imitation of their owner, not an innate one. If they were just to be what they were born/innate to be, they wouldn’t exhibit empathy towards human beings or to their own kind, they would be “wild”, not domesticated. We don’t need to domesticate human beings because they already have that innate quality in their DNA. Don’t believe me? Just view an African country where dogs are not domesticated and how they behave around human beings.

God gives us those heart breaks to remind us we are human beings! We are tops on the created being order here on earth. Ask yourself why other creatures haven’t evolved with the same intelligence and technology if evolution was a factual science. And I don’t believe any humanist or atheist could refute this argument by logical reasoning.

There is in fact an Intelligent Designer, His name is the Almighty God! Again, you would need to remove all intellectual honesty not to admit this fact.

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