The Holy Standard

Matthew 5:48 Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect.

Back in my younger days, 30 plus years ago, I fell in love with a girl. I liked everything about her. But being young and confess also very STUPID and immature, I thought to myself in a commitment issue in my mind, “if I do marry this one, what if someone better, one who is more pretty, more nice, and more fun comes along, I’d be tied down?” I am sure many young guys can relate to this immature false dilemma, as you deceive yourself based on everyone is single, so why settle. As IF we had all sorts of options to pick from and the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) idiocy takes over. The egocentric idiocy in the immaturity was to think there was something “more”!

We broke up not for that reason, but because I was a total degenerate, insecure in every way, selfish, self-serving, pathetically immature, and as I look at myself in my former life, I question now how in the world she even went out with me. When looking back, quite honestly I have no qualms on it, she made the RIGHT decision! Be that as it may, that immature foolish question I asked myself on commitment to her was answered. I dated many girls after this relationship, and no one even came close to the standard this former girlfriend set. It is like trading in a great car because you thought a newer car was better, only to discover the old car fit you much better, and then never being able to find a car like that again.

Little did my degenerate dumb mind and heart know at the time, but no one would come along who was “better” or “more pretty” or I was more comfortable with, not a one came even close. It says something about who she was, but more so how very insecure and utterly dumb I was to take it all for granted. The immature idiocy in the “more” was learned after several years of introspection and experience. Just a side note to anyone reading this, try and not make that mistake in your relationships! Don’t take God’s blessings for granted. Or you will look back one day as I have and realize just how very stupid and immature you were to even ask that question of “what if there is more”.

This gets me to the point of the Holy Standard that God has set. You might be thinking like in the example I gave, “what if there is a better way” to salvation, a lower standard which will satisfy your salvation. Because the actual standard is ABSOLUTE perfection, not a blemish to God’s law in order to be saved. There is indeed NO OTHER or NO BETTER way to heaven, God set the standard and it is not up for debate. Like the former girlfriend example, hopefully it won’t be too late for you to realize there was nothing better than God’s way by His standard. There isn’t anything “more” than God!

You might be thinking that standard is impossible? It is quite impossible without a Mediator, His name is Jesus Christ. The Good News is that Jesus stood in for your TOTAL lack of absolute perfection, and died on a Cross to pay your sin debt so that you achieved the Holy Standard! Yes, this is the Gospel! And those who believe this shall be saved. Look, if God was tolerant of your lack of perfection, Jesus would never had to die on the Cross.

Some will try and invent new standards for God, lesser ones, where they can bring their garbage of sin into His Kingdom by their self righteousness. So the foolishness is to try to lower the standard and still think you are going to heaven. In other words, you are telling God, “save your Savior, I will save myself.”

So why you may ask did God give us all these commandments? It was done to show you just how SINFUL you truly are. It wasn’t so that you subjectively could break a law here or there and still believe you were “holy and good”. No! They were given to demonstrate just how UNHOLY you are and just HOW desperate you should be to cling to the only one who could save you from your sins and imperfection, again His name is Jesus Christ!

The fact is Jesus kept each and every commandment of God to absolute perfection. He is the sinless Lamb of God. His sole motive and purpose was to redeem you from your LAW BREAKING because you failed to meet God’s Holy Standard! What greater love can you find? He didn’t need to because we never deserved it! What we deserved was eternal torment and darkness, the wages of sin is death.

Once you realize and submit to God’s Holy Standard of absolute perfection, only then you will understand the total need for a Redeemer, a Messiah, a Savior, Jesus Christ. Until then, you will be as foolish as I was with my former girlfriend, and keep grasping at the “what if there is something more, something better? I can’t commit” Only then to find out there was NOTHING AND NO ONE BETTER than Jesus Christ!

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