The Blasphemy of Jesus

John 14:6 “Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

“You be you”, “Be your truth”, “You believe your truth, and I will believe mine”, “Just be the best version of you”, “you only live once so do what makes you happy”, “the truth is what you make of it”, are just some of the calling cries from post-modern relativism of an unbelieving fallen world.

With this comes whatever “truth” they want to make up about Jesus, what you want to make up about God, is deemed the truth. Which is called subjective “truth” or in other words there isn’t a standard, as every individual can come up with their own version, the version which makes them the most comfortable.

The most used and most common subjective truth about Jesus is this depiction of a totally passive peace activist. The most often used line from Jesus is “love your neighbor as yourself” by unbelievers as a way to say “hey, stop triggering me, you need to tolerate my debauchery and degenerate ways”. Which is NOT at all what Jesus was saying by “love your neighbor”, He was saying “tell them the TRUTH”.

There are all sorts of ways sinners pervert Jesus into a false Jesus. The common way is to invent a Jesus which fits your lifestyle and pre-set conceived notions, not the Biblical Jesus. A Jesus which will conform and tolerate your life, who changes His edicts and promises daily to suit your needs.

World religions most often will present a false Jesus that bows to their religious practices. The false premise is always an authority issue. “Jesus left us His authority”, which some like Roman Catholics believe made their church now omnipotent over mankind. The truth can change, because Jesus doesn’t hold all authority, as they falsely believe.

Blasphemy of Jesus are the spoken words about Jesus which are false! Some flippantly blaspheme Him with ease and claim He said something He didn’t or meant something that He didn’t or did something He didn’t do, totally perverting His character, His omniscience, His omnipotence. In effect, telling Jesus He must bow before this new truth you invented, this is called blasphemy of His name.

When you read the Bible, if Jesus promised something such as eternal security, you must believe it as an irrefutable and immutable truth or you do not believe in Him. Many will be saddened on Judgment Day when they see Him face to face and He is nothing as you dreamed up in your mind! He wasn’t this passive, weak, carpet bagger as you thought, but the very KING who was always SOVEREIGN, who never bowed before you or your church!

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