False Conversions

If there couldn’t be false and aren’t conversions, the devil would be out of business!

If you read and study Scripture carefully, you’d know that there is a repeated warning that goes out from God, and that is to the sinners who think they are saved, but are actually false converts. The misnomer is that the devil and his demons are working on the atheist, the wiccan, the unbeliever. If we use logic, this would be a waste of their time because there is nothing they really to do.

So who are they busy working on? These would be those who are convicted by guilt of their sins, they know there is going to be a judgment. They would like the sinner to believe they are saved, when they are not, so they lead these sinners into false gospels and to false teachers. The devil is a master at understanding the fallen nature of man, and our humanistic pride, and this is what he feeds upon and utilizes.

How do we discern from being a false convert and true convert? The key here is repentance and the CHANGE in desires. If you are a true convert, God made you into a NEW creation. There is no longer an inner tussle going on with Him, you aren’t trying to get away with your sins, you confess and understand who you are in light of Him. Now it doesn’t mean you are perfect in the flesh, it means you are being perfected in Christ who is perfect. The only way God sees you as “perfect” is by seeing you are IN Jesus Christ. Meaning His righteousness, obedience, perfection are credited to you by your faith alone in Jesus.

Some believe they have been saved or being saved, but will NOT place their faith alone in Jesus. They fight this notion, and add that humanistic pride to God’s work. So they believe their inherent self-righteousness is the key, the deserving factor, of which God will judge them. This is the devil’s ploy! The devil builds up by that pride the notion of “I can’t just believe in Jesus, I must DO something to be saved”.

Now think about it! It would be like a fireman standing outside your burning home, and the devil puts in your head, “the fireman won’t come in here, unless I do something”. You wouldn’t think much about that coward egocentric fireman would you? Or a doctor before a major surgery you needed, saying “I can’t work on this patient, he or she does fit not my type of goodness”. But surely this is the mentality that MANY have with Jesus. That He is some egocentric coward of a Savior who won’t do as He promised, that He sits on the sideline watching you perish unless you make yourself DESERVING enough!

Now the devil knows there is NOTHING you could do to make yourself deserving enough, but you don’t know that, so he puts that in your head. So then you work work work, always uncertain, always insecure, and in the end you end up in hell with him! You seek churches which abide by this lunacy of the God/human cooperative in salvation, and the devil rejoices while he says “strive harder in your ‘free-will’, I am sure God will save you”. If you go that route, you bought the devil’s LIE.

Again the devil knows your self-righteous humanistic pride perfectly. He manipulates this to a tee! So in the end, you are left with Jesus saying “I never knew you, be gone from Me you worker of lawlessness” (Matt 7:23).

Roman Catholics for example pervert Matthew 25:31-45 to mean if they clothe the naked, feed the poor, visit people in prison, that Jesus will save them. But was that what He meant? NO! You see, God demands absolute perfection, so unless you are doing those things PERFECTLY since birth and all of your life, you have come up short by the law. And the false convert believes they can be saved BY THE LAW instead of by Jesus. So the passage is meant to CONVICT the sinner, not as a viable template to be saved! The saved sinner will confess, “I DID NOTHING OF THOSE THINGS and Jesus saved me”. The false convert will say “I did some of those things or tried to, so God should save me”.

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