The Good Person Gospel Saves No One!

What is the “good person gospel” you might ask upon seeing the title? It is the most preached gospel by a fallen world, influenced by Satan and his minions, it declares that sinners will go to heaven if they are subjectively more good than bad. That God won’t send that sinner to hell because after all “God is love”, right?

Well I will get right to the point, there are many “good people” right now who perished who are awaiting their final judgment from God, which is eternal hell, all because it turned out THEY WERE NEVER GOOD ENOUGH by God’s law. You might have been a great morally good person to the world, but to God you were like everyone else, a BLACK mark on His holiness!

These “good people” rejected the only way to salvation was through the redemption of Jesus, and rested their laurels on their inherent worldly “goodness” of which they demanded God look at and instead of the way He outlined, that He save them by this. They rested their WHOLE eternal future on a failure in other words!

Just ONE sin, which we all have committed which to love God with our whole mind, heart, and soul, not some of the time, BUT EACH AND EVERY MOMENT AND BREATH, landed all of us into His judgment. We were no longer “good people” in His sight! One little lie we told, one lustful thought, one profane or perverse thing we uttered about God, etc. all too are in this judgment.

So by that, the “good people gospel” FAILED, because when we look at an eternal Holy God, there are no “good people”. The problem is again a false comparison which comes from Satan as he tempts you to look at other sinners instead of God, and say “see, I am not so bad that God can’t save me, after all I didn’t murder or rape anyone and I even helped an elderly person across the street yesterday”.

God provided a REMEDY to our badness, His name is Jesus Christ who is GOOD. He promised that if you place your faith alone in Him and repent of your sins, the gift of eternal life is granted. You are now only “good” in the respect that Jesus is GOOD. So when God looks at you after this eternal life was granted, He only sees His Son’s GOODNESS, His perfection, His sinlessness! Yes, this is called GOOD NEWS, the actual Gospel. If you reject Jesus Christ, you reject heaven, you cannot enter no matter what you did or or what you did not do in this lifetime!

If you belong to a false church, the first thing you will realize is that they prod you to save yourself by YOUR goodness, and not Jesus Christ’s. So you do all these religious things and everything else you do is with a condition attached whereby God must accept your good deed as a merit point, and in the end if you subjectively do enough of them, He will allow you entrance. The glaring PROBLEM is, you dismissed Jesus from your salvation, the only person who can get you into that entrance!

As the title of my blog states “Good people don’t enter heaven, forgiven sinners do!”

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