The USA Leftist HATE for God

Romans 1:21 Because, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened

I always find it so utterly absurd when a USA leftist politician tries to use the Bible or God in their demand that America goes along with their totally degenerate and depraved agenda. It is like they are taking their middle finger and waving it right in God’s face expecting that will end well.

Their is an obvious HATE for God and His righteousness by this political party which grows more and more extreme by the day. 10 years ago, we would never see a political commercial which basically claims that if one disagrees with abortion, the murder of the unborn, they would be considered an “extremist”, a “terrorist”. But they do this now and are unashamed in that zeal to kill, while claiming it is somehow “healthcare”.

You wouldn’t give your 5 year old a cigarette much less a lighter to play with, but the leftist party of the USA gladly has grown men dressed up as women sexually gyrating while calling it “story hour”, as IF this just a normal and moral function in our society. While these same children can’t spell their own name or do basic math problems, the left would like them to blur their genders instead as if this is the most pressing importance in a child’s future.

Crime is out of control in the country, and the criminals defended by these same leftists know there really are no consequences unless you belong to the other political party. The left’s response to crime? “Defund the police”.

Over 108,000 died alone of drug overdoses in 2021, I repeat that 108,000!! While the left basically has let in killer drugs on the southern border while gaslighting anyone who questions this as “extremist haters”. President Biden’s line “this is who we are”??? NO! This is who the left is! And let me put this in context as they try to disarm law abiding citizens. 19,000 died of gunshots due to violence in 2021. 108,000 of drug overdoses! And they say nothing about it. 58,000 died in the Vietnam War in the course of 10 years, so again put 108,000 in that context in ONE YEAR!

The absolute HATE for God has made them FOOLS and anyone who supports them FOOLS, and much more than this, EVIL fools! But do not dismay, God has already revealed who wins in the end, HE DOES!

On November 8 please vote WISELY! The real hate the left has is for YOU, and your children! They want everyone to sink with them on their evil ship! The only voice you have is your VOTE! Don’t sit it out, don’t allow evil to reign any longer!

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