Trusting God’s Plan

God’s AWESOME plans are sometimes hard to understand, they make us anxious, they cause some worry, NOT because of Him, but because of our limited knowledge and finite brains. We fret, we kick and holler at times, but He says “stand STILL and see My sovereignty and ALMIGHTY power”.

When we try to add or help the plan, we fail just like Sarah failed when she didn’t trust God and Ishmael was born. God couldn’t be blamed for her instant jealous and strife with Hagar, it was Sarah to blame. It doesn’t mean it wasn’t God’s plan all along though. God uses our limited capacity in His plan or nothing could be accomplished or determined. The heretic open theists which are prevalent would love you to believe that God is making it up as He goes, based on reacting or cooperating to what you decide.

As we grow closer to God, we trust Him more! We know everything has a reason to Him, nothing is unknown, and nothing it outside of His sovereignty. It give GREAT comfort when we let go, and let God be God. Again, not that He wouldn’t be God, but in our brains and our hearts is where that realization must be made.

Three years ago this month, I was greatly tested! You see, my plan was that my beloved 7 year old dog Leo would remain with me for 7 more years or longer. But he was given a death sentence. I had thought since Leo was a true blessing from God, that my plan should work. God had another plan and there was nothing I could do but trust in Him.

Things are still being revealed to me after 3 years of this particular event. A friend lost her dog Mojito just recently, and I made him a custom memorial board. I did this without thinking, without a single condition, and felt an instant connection to her loss and to Mojito whom I never even met. And then there were two blankets my Mom gave Leo 3 years ago this month after she learned about Leo’s prognosis, a small gesture but paid huge dividends.

As I mentioned, sometimes the revelation comes later from God, but His plans are always perfect. Trust in them! We don’t need to figure it all out right now, just stand still and see His salvation, see His power, see Him for who He is! Whether the major sad event or happy event, there is always a purpose, there is always a reason. And 9 times out 10, we miss what those purposes and reasons were because we are too consumed with OURSELVES.

Exodus 14:13

And Moses said to the people, “Do not be afraid. Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will accomplish for you today. For the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall see again no more forever.

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