Staying Positive in God’s Will

John 16:22 Therefore you now have sorrow; but I will see you again and your heart will rejoice, and your joy no one will take from you.

In the past month, I decided to sell my home and move to a different state. Or at least that was the plan. I put my trust in God that if this was His will, it would all work out. So I priced the home aggressively, and got it ready to sell. If you ever have done this, you do realize the amount of instant stress which incurs.

While listing the home, I was also looking at different properties in a couple of states. And recently went to view many of them. The Lord reminded me yesterday of 3 years ago, as I drove to Colorado with my severely ill dying dog Leo in a blizzard to try and help him, and the extreme terrible wind/cold, as I faced off the same type of conditions while viewing properties on Friday and then proceeding home. The same rest/calm encompassed me as I drove through white-out and terrible roads.

While in North Dakota and viewing a home, a realtor mentioned a town he was from, and I just so happened to have a friend who grew up there as well. I had not talked to her for sometime, and he mentioned that her brother just passed away. Small world I thought, but at the same time, I probably would not have known this if I had not went there to see this particular property. You see, it was my plan to possibly buy a place at this moment in time, but God’s will was something totally different.

So based on the lack of selling my home, and the properties I viewed not to my liking, I decided to take down the listing for a later date. The aggressive timeline and sale price weighed on my mind, along with the winter being a brutal time to achieve this endeavor. But if it was God’s will? I would being moving.

In my former life, I probably would be upset with God, and asked “Why didn’t You help me!”, much like the thief on the cross Jesus didn’t save when he said in defiance, “save Yourself and us”. But now, I understand, that even though it wasn’t to my finite understanding, God’s will in this was not wasted, He DID help me!

If you trust God, trust in His will, you will ALWAYS see the positive aspect of it! I literally drove 400 miles in a blizzard/white out yesterday without a hitch, just as I did 3 years ago with Leo to the day. This was ALL by God’s protection! I was also able to reach out to a friend in need whose heart was broken by the passing of her brother. So the time was not wasted.

It is ALWAYS better to thank God, than to ask “why”!

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