Two Christmas Celebrations

There are actually two Christmas celebrated in this world. A Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ each and every day, and a singled out day in December celebrated by most everyone else of which I call the Secular Christmas.

The secular celebration comes complete with Santa Claus and his fictional reindeer, Christmas trees and lights, gift exchanges, family get togethers, a feast, Hallmark cards, and of course a couple of days off from work. Some don’t even call it “Christmas”, it is a “Holiday”. Once this day is over, the CC bills are a headache, the celebration ends as quickly as it started, those presents gave and received with the cards are forgotten, the tree gets burned or put in the closet with the lights, and all that “goodwill” gets put in the closet until next year. It is also engrossed in superstition, “the miracle of Christmas” in the secular mindset is a worldly gain.

You can see this in real time on Facebook and other social media, where Christmas is something wholly different to the poster as Christ is removed from the equation.

Whereas the true meaning of Christmas was the gift of salvation that God granted through His Son Jesus Christ. A birth of the God-man Jesus of which He left His eternal throne not because man was inherently “good”, but because we are inherently BAD. And by “bad”, I mean bad to the literal bone! The mere baby depicted in the lonely manger of Jesus had ONE mission, and it wasn’t to show us how to be better people. It was to SAVE us from our sins!

Yes, that mere infant Jesus started the death clock as soon as He was born. He was to fulfill all the prophesy of the Old Testament Messiah and march to His death on the Cross. By which He would redeem His children by His death, and three days later rise from a tomb which confirmed He surely was who He said He was, the eternal God incarnated. THIS IS WHAT ACTUAL CHRISTIANS HUMBLY CELEBRATE.

It is sad when I see professing Christians caught in between and caught up in the secular celebration and the divine celebration. They desire both, when there is just one TRUE celebratory birth of Jesus Christ that is IF He paid your sin debt. Without this incarnation, all would be condemned to hell, not a one would go to Heaven. Something to ponder if you haven’t done so. And do NOT be deceived who is behind the secular Christmas, it is Satan himself. Santa Claus for example replacing God in every respect is a way to indoctrinate children into that secular Christmas. The fictional Santa did not die for any sin! So why in the world would any Christian parent even teach that nonsense of “Santa Claus’? The removal of Jesus from His own birth is and will be the goal by a degenerate fallen people.

Yes, Jesus was born of a virgin just as promised. He came to save sinners who are born hating Him! “Goodwill to men” should now give you a different notion than useless coffee grinders, and other presents you get. Because there is NO GIFT you will ever receive that is even CLOSE on the scale of your salvation!! We thank a merciful God who by His grace alone saved His children through the person and work of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!

Merry TRUE Christmas!

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