A True Guardian

Today, I remember Samson, my sister’s dog who passed away recently. He was 18 plus years old and lived a long life. We hear of “guardian angels” from some, but I do believe dog’s like Samson are also a blessing from God as a true guardian, one we can communicate with, see, touch, feel.

Samson was my sister’s true guardian. He was by her side all of his life. He didn’t beg, he didn’t sulk, he didn’t ask that she do things so that he’d get things. He was content on just one thing, being hers and being her stalworth. Those who haven’t owned a dog might never come to realize in this lifetime just how awesome this type of relationship is. No matter the day whether it be good, bad, ugly, they do not change their love and devotion and loyalty towards their owner. And sadly some only come realize it when the dog passes away, speaking from experience.

Dogs, pets, are not to be taken for granted. Because they are lower in the creation order from God does not mean we get to treat them like expendable garbage. To her credit, my sister realized her blessing from day one with Samson and never took him for granted. She treated him as a true family member and Samson treated her and her husband as his family members.

We can learn so much from our pets! As again, I believe they are sent by God to teach us many things such as patience, true love, obedience, self control, kindness, and true unconditional giving. If they could talk, they’d without question or hesitation give up their life for their owner and this type of love Jesus spoke about as “no greater love”. And this is the love my sister had with Samson. This type of relationship is truly unique and it is actually the biblical relationship we ourselves should have for our owner who is God.

This is why it is so hard when they pass away. We are not granted a lifetime with them and those reasons are known to God alone. Maybe it is to teach us to count our own days and realize our blessing of our own life. Maybe it is because that God Himself experienced the loss of His Son, Jesus Christ, at a young age and we get to feel a snippet of what He felt. Maybe it is to teach us very quickly on that owner/servant relationship our dogs have with us, and how we should be with our owner, God.

The empty house and broken heart are things we go through when they go, the time is mighty sorrowful and hurtful and hard. But be assured, God has promised to “wipe every tear away”, which means I personally believe their lives were not lived in vain, we will see them again in the Kingdom, that is for those who have placed their faith alone in Jesus Christ, saved by Him.

Which leads me to this, if you truly would want to see them again, do not waste another day in unbelief! Repent and follow Jesus Christ now in a full heart, cling to Him during these times and you will surely be comforted. Samson for example was a true guardian to my sister, but Jesus is the ultimate King, the ultimate guardian by which all good things flow! Trust in Him, turn to Him! Say this prayer “I trust in you God alone” until you begin to actually believe it!

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