Records of Sin

On Judgment Day, many are going to be surprised when God displays their record of sin throughout their life. The depiction above are just some filing cabinets filled with your sin record to give you some semblance of what actually transpired. The cabinets would fill a warehouse for just one sinner. The white cabinets can denote what we see are small sins, simple disobedience, white lies, etc. The black cabinets can denote more serious sins we have committed.

The devil on the other hand makes a sinner think there is merely a shoe box with some posted notes on your sins, no harm no foul. Compared to God’s holiness, there are sins you are not even aware such as absolute perfection to the commandments, not just some of the time, but each and every moment. So when the sheer multitude is displayed, as I said, some will be quite surprised at just how many laws which were broken. Each file God has will have clear facts and evidence, the time the offense was committed to the second. There are sins such in our thoughts and lusts and selfishness of which we merely passed off, but God didn’t forget.

Some will foolishly argue with God and say “that’s not a sin”, as IF they can tell the Almighty what broke His laws. Some will also foolishly attempt to pass the blame, “it wasn’t my fault”. Some will be angered that God kept their record of sin, or try to sheepishly say “sorry God, I really didn’t mean to do that”. But WHAT NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO DO is tell God to “look in the mirror at your sins”, because He has no such record.

This grand multitude of sin caused a debt to God. His justice on just one sin is His eternal wrath, and He doesn’t even need to open up more than one page in one filing cabinet. But I suspect that won’t prevent some to try and continue to argue each case of a sin.

Catholics will attempt to call on Mary, she’ll be nowhere to be found. I suspect some will try to blame their priests and popes, but that argument fails when God shows them their warehouse full of cabinets of their own sin records. Some will plead with God, “but Lord Lord, what about my church attendance, and all those good works I did in your name, and the sacraments I religiously participated in?” And sadly they will hear what Jesus already warned them about “I NEVER KNEW YOU, be gone you workers of lawlessness” (referencing Matt 7:21-23).

Without understanding the sheer DEPTH of your sin record against God, you will never fully realize just how NECESSARY a Savior is needed. You will shirk that call of the Mediator for your sins, His name is Jesus Christ, and try to argue your way into heaven instead which ends in failure! Your sin record does not get paid outside of the blood of Jesus!

Those saved also have the same amount of cabinets filled with sin, however in their case each file is stamped “PAID IN FULL”. Yes, the Good News is that Jesus already PAID the debt owed on your behalf IF you place your total faith alone in Him. There is NO OTHER WAY this record will be pardoned. If saved, God won’t even open up these cabinets because His word says  “Their sins and their lawless deeds I will remember no more.” (Hebrews 10:17) There is no need to because each file says in this depiction “PAID IN FULL by the blood of Jesus Christ”.

So it is up to you, there are just two paths on Judgment Day. The wide path by which many will try and argue their way out of this record of sin, or the narrow gate where you surrender to the fact that Jesus is the ONLY way this record of sin can be paid.

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