Don’t Have the Funeral Yet

Today I write to those faced with health crisis’s and or another worrisome crisis in your life or someone in your life. The temptation is naturally to give up hope. As long as you or your loved one in your life is alive and breathing, there is HOPE. And where there is HOPE, there is God! Nothing is impossible for Him.

I have said that line to many now, “don’t have the funeral yet”, of which I should make a t-shirt of, because I myself went through it. In November 2019, my beloved dog Leo was diagnosed with a terminal disease. My first reaction was to have that funeral in my mind, it didn’t help anything, all it did was give up on hope, and it certainly didn’t help Leo and his demeanor. I snapped out of it when a friend sent me a hand made drawing of Leo and with a message to hope for best! It was at that point, is when hope was restored the funeral in my mind went away. I turned to God alone for this hope! And a couple of months later, Leo was in full remission, because I didn’t give up on this hope.

Imagine those for thousands of years WAITED on the promised Messiah, Jesus Christ. They never gave up hope, when the world and Satan constantly told them “just give up on this nonsense”.

So never give up hope, because if you do, you are also giving up on God. Don’t have a funeral for someone who is still alive, breathing, and with you. Each day is a new blessing from God, so don’t take them for granted. Turn to God in full HOPE and then be patient and willing to accept whatever comes your way. Never discount those little blessings as we see them, because when realized, they are actually LARGE blessings from God who alone got you from point A to point B.

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