When Time Stops

3 years ago, my beloved dog Leo was in the midst of his last month on this earth. Time would stop for him. On this day, he was given a report of a full remission from his cancer, but it also marked the last 10 days of his life. I had no idea as to when his time would stop as my own time clock, but I knew it was imminent. All I could is pray for another day with him.

Looking back, God really taught me that tomorrow is never promised. We shouldn’t think we have this unlimited time because that is our desire and want. The death clock is set, and we can’t add a minute to it.

Which leads me to saying that MANY believe they have an unlimited future to get their life in order. One day they say they’ll sit down with their Christian friends and study these things they have been saying, but not today. One day day in the future they’ll make time for it, but not today or this week or this month or this year. Not realizing their death clock cannot be changed.

And when time stops, that is it! If you die in your sins unforgiven, it is off to hell. God won’t care how nice you thought you were, or entertain all those excuses you made. Leo was given less than 8 years, but he is just a dog you’ll say and dogs have a short life. But now compare your life to an ETERNITY, it never ends. And if in hell, it will be torture, sadness, pain, suffering, darkness, despair on and on and on. It will be an incurable cancer so to speak which never lets you die.

All for what? Because you thought you were smart and all those religious do-gooders were just hypocrites? Those bible bangers you made fun of, chastised, ridiculed for their faith will all be a regret for an eternity. And when time stops, there will be no chance to turn back, no chance to repent, no chance to make amends with God. You made your choice, and JUSTICE is what you will receive.

You followed the beat of your own drum, and those Christians you will discover were right all along. You thought by going to church and being a good person would be enough. And now what? There is just darkness, suffering, and despair. There will be no one to hear your excuses, complaining, and mocking. There will be no one to hear why you procrastinated and why God got His justice wrong on your sins.

So if you haven’t done so, TODAY place your faith alone in the person and work of Jesus Christ alone! There are many who will have their funerals prepared tomorrow who didn’t have a tomorrow to repent. So why put it off? Why fight against this truth which has not changed since the beginning of time? There is just ONE way to salvation, and it is through Jesus Christ. If placed in Him, you have been (past tense) forgiven by His death and by His rising from the dead, you too will rise.

Don’t believe in Jesus because I say so or other Christians say you should. If you believe in Him, you will see just how rotten of a sinner you are in God’s sight and how desperately you needed Him! It will be only then your internal and external mocking, your doubts, your silly pride will leave! Only then you will realize just how very stupid you were to put this off! Time can then stop at any moment with a full realization that you are secured for an eternity in Jesus Christ!

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