Is America Christian

The common theme throughout the years is that America is predominantly a Christian nation. But let’s analyze a few things in today’s society to discern this theme.

While it is true, that the nation was founded on Christian principles “in God we trust”, and whose founders implemented those the moral and virtuous theme of Christianity into the constitution and founding principles, America is hardly a Christian nation.

Look no further than the murder of the unborn. A nation whose zeal, whose desire was to call abortion good and pro-life principles evil cannot be “Christian” no matter the rationalization. Look at the zeal for immoral lifestyles, where the highly degenerate Kardashian family gets much more press and attention than any actual Christian family. Look at the zeal for living for self, and how sports teams squash any following of Jesus Christ. Look at how actual Christians are treated.

Look! If hypothetically Jesus Christ Himself ran for political office in the United States, He wouldn’t make it out of the primaries. Jesus would summarily dismissed as an “extremist” or “domestic terrorist” and most likely labeled a “racist”. You think the Pharisees and scribes persecuted Him, well there would be NO comparison on how He’d be tortured, threatened, and persecuted by a modern day America.

And don’t me get wrong, several churches would join in on the persecution, they’d call Jesus an “intolerant bigot”. They’d call His doctrines “unloving” and “hateful”, and like the Pharisees of old would most likely be the ones calling on the secular authorities to arrest Him and put Him to death!

So is America a Christian nation? Hardly!

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