When a Church Replaces Jesus

John 10:7 Then Jesus said to them again, “Most assuredly, I say to you, I am the door of the sheep.

Many churches, even well known ones, have attempted to replace Jesus as the door of the sheep. They’ll come across as religious, pious, complete with smoke, incense, prayer, altars, etc. to hide this fact.

Here in John 10, Jesus confronted a world religion mainly the Pharisees who did attempt for decades and decades to replace the person and work of the Messiah by which they implemented their own system of justice and salvation. Mind you, they didn’t eliminate God’s laws, but they went much further and invented new traditions and laws. They did so in my view because knowing that keeping the law, albeit to a subjective level, was never going to be enough, they would replace the Messiah with a new law and delusionally thought God would accept this.

So when the Messiah came and looked them straight in the eyes and said “I am the door of the sheep, not you or your religious system”, that was what sent them into a frenzy as they then sought to kill Jesus. They did NOT like this one bit, as if they were not this door for God’s sheep, they’d be out of business. Their control over sinners would be squashed.

The Pharisees understood that only God could forgive sins, and here was Jesus claiming He was this God. “How DARE He”, they thought, because the god they invented had they as his executioner and door for the sheep. So they needed to get rid of this guy, or the sheep would hear and believe Him and directly be forgiven, there would be no further need for their temple tax system either. The unreachable salvation carrots they put in front of the sinner’s nose would be gone if Jesus had His way.

Many modern religions also have attempted to replace Jesus. Look no further than the Catholic Church, the Mormon church, the Jehovah Witnesses, and others who say they are modern day replacements in their theology. They claim to be the door of the sheep, and tell the sinner “we are Jesus’ live in person representative”, knowing mankind naturally needs to see in order to believe, knowing that sinners are lost and need hope.

So hooking the sinner into their cult like systems is easy by just stating “in order to be forgiven of your sins, we MUST do this for you”. The sinner being duped just like the Pharisees did to their flock, becomes then dependent on their system for a perceived salvation. They really don’t want to go to hell, so they’ll buy anything without discerning who the door is for their forgiveness really is. And His name is Jesus Christ, the ONLY door, the ONLY way to salvation, He is the DOOR, not a church!

Are you locked into a system which holds your forgiveness hostage?? Answer this question honestly. Because there’s just one path to forgiveness, and it is directly going by faith alone to Jesus Christ!! He turns NO sheep away nor does He lose any granted to Him! Stop wasting time, and start believing!

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