The Good News of Jesus Christ

Jesus died on a Cross to redeem the lost sinner, He conquered sin!  Three days after His death, Jesus rose from the dead!  He conquered death!  Those granted saving faith in this Good News shall live with Him eternally.  Those who BELIEVE Jesus is God the Almighty and Savior are saved by God’s grace alone through this faith alone. The perfect Lamb of God from all eternity died in your place, to take on the punishment and wrath for each and every sin you committed.  Jesus will return one day soon again, this time NOT to atone for sins of the lost, but to unleash God’s final and everlasting fury against those sins.  Those in Jesus Christ will live with Him forevermore, those who are not will be sent to eternal hell.

About this Site

It is to call out the many contradictions that has been fed through world religions whose motive is to take all eyes off the Cross of Jesus Christ and unto themselves.

Scripture Alone

In every post and exhortation, the main authority is Scripture. You may not agree with everything being posted, but I ask you to discern what is taught here through the ultimate authority which is Scripture.  May Scripture always be the end of the line!