March 21, 2020

Today I write about something very personal. March 21, 2020 was a day where God had answered a prayer. My dog Leo who was in the midst with a tremendous fight against cancer was given a prognosis by his oncologist of “full remission”.

Those who fought cancer or who have had a loved one fighting cancer know those two words well, “full remission”. It is when it is shown that the patient is showing no signs of the cancer. The tumors have subsided and the general health is shown to be normalized.

I treasured that email which came that day, because Leo’s battle was something to behold. I prayed each day during that time to God for his full remission which seemed fleeting. Now being in remission does not mean the cancer has been cured, it is basically a much needed break from the cancer. It had been about 4 months of waiting for this sign, which did come by what I could only reason being by the hand of God.

Leo’s illness was a roller coaster, lots of ups and downs, but he took everything in stride. The pandemic shut downs were just starting to show itself to the world, but I was more worried about Leo’s access to his chemotherapy which was being broadcasted now as restricted. So many questions which were not being answered, so I turned to God alone. That remission announcement came at this time, God answered me.

God granted Leo an extension on his life for my behalf, and I thank Him for this. It was just 9 days later, Leo was gone. However, with his full remission, his last days for the most part were normal. God granted me a gift of seeing Leo again before the illness one last time. A blessing which did not go unnoticed.

While I grieved tremendously Leo’s passing, I knew God was with me. As I wrote in a book after the loss of him, I had to look back to see and realize many blessings God had granted, and a huge one occurred on March 21, 2020. There was no other explanation other than God’s gracious provision which granted Leo’s remission from his cancer.

To those faced with hardship, sadness, tremendous adversity, turn to God! The prayers are not being ignored. And because of the fog caused by our emotions, sometimes we miss those blessings from Him. So look back, and you shall see God’s hand in everything. It might be the smallest mundane thing or something huge, but BELIEVE that the Almighty God is constantly working for the good of those who love Him.

What a great God He is! A three word prayer we should always be praying is “THANK YOU GOD!”

Depending on God Alone

2 Corinthians 1:18-20
“But as God is faithful, our word to you was not Yes and No. For the Son of God, Jesus Christ, who was preached among you by us—by me, Silvanus, and Timothy—was not Yes and No, but in Him was Yes. For all the promises of God in Him are Yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of God through us.”

The other day my one year old puppy, Joby, immediately came to me after getting into some burrs. He meekly looked at me to help him out, to get these burrs off since he couldn’t. His personality has been always been like this, each time he needs help or if there is something he does not quite understand, he turns to me for this help. The thought occurred to me as to how we as Christians should have our own relationship with God, trusting that He is always faithful.

When Scripture said that “faith pleases God”, I am sure you can relate to this if you too own a dog or have children or others who depend on you alone for everything. It does please us if we have this faithfulness in our own lives. Take a scary situation or troubling circumstance, and being the sole person being turned to in faith to help them through it. It pleases you.

We can’t see God, but He is here. He isn’t up in some room being waited on by angels as the societal depiction. God is omnipresent. So by turning to Him alone, walking by faith alone and not by sight, it pleases Him. Logic then says it does NOT please Him if you turn to others, or half-heartedly have some faith He exists. No, you aren’t delusional for believing God is always present as an unbeliever might scoff and mock.

We must grow in this faith! This all powerful force has always been present, the God Almighty, and it is only by faith He can be accessed. We are born fallen, degenerate, and have no faith present in us. When God gives a rebirth, faith is the gift to make the blind sinner now believe by that faith. Before that point, we may punch in the air flailing about, looking for physical evidence of God. Roman Catholics for example litter their homes with statues because they do not have this faith. And the test comes if those statues were completely taken away, could they believe God exists? I’d say many would become immediate atheists.

A Christian granted faith from God does not need anymore signs or physical evidence, to believe in God’s presence. Now I am not saying this faith does not need to grow, because it does! And the evidence of a rebirth will show this growth each day, as each day God is revealing more of Himself through His word. The Christian is weaned off the world, and becomes dependent on God for everything just like my example of Joby. And I mean EVERYTHING. The good, the bad, the indifferent, the mundane, in all things you know and realize God is always present.

You stop thinking as a Christian “where are You, God?” and start believing He is right there with you always! Because of the faith which has been granted by Him, you no longer in futility punch the air. Turn to Him always, He is FAITHFUL as our God, His promises do not change! Whatever it is, speak to Him as if He is right beside you, because He is! If reborn, He lives in you now!

When Your Life Shatters

If you live long enough on this fallen earth, you will realize heart break, sadness, and terrible things from time to time. It is a continuance of the darkness resulting from the fall of Adam and Eve, when the whole world fell into sin. Christians are not exempt from human hardship, even though Joel Osteen stands in front of his pulpit each week and relays the opposite with Satan, the serpent from the Garden, cheering it on.

So when your life shatters, the question is who are you going to turn to. Is it the Almighty God who will see you through or will it be the world and its fallen messages. I believe these hardships are a definite test of our faith. We saw this occur with Job, one of the oldest books in the Bible.

Satan thought Job would crack under the pressure, that his faith was self generated and that he would rid himself of God once he experienced absolute hardship and all his earthly possessions were taken away. God took Satan up on his prediction and allowed Satan to work on Job. But Job didn’t crack up. He definitely questioned things, but did not lose his faith that God had granted despite losing his family, his health, his estate in a very short period of time.

Job was tested, he passed that test of faith. Why? Because it was God who granted him that endurance. Job turned to God with his questions and to get answers, although his friends thought they had these answers. Satan’s futile hope was that Job would listen only to his friends and dismiss God. He was wrong, and will always be wrong with a child of God, but it doesn’t mean he will continue to try.

If you are a child of God, the examination of your faith comes when your life shatters. Sure, it is easy to have faith when things are great in your life, but when the bottom drops out, discernment WILL come to show whether you were just play acting or you clearly had genuine faith granted from God. Are you immediately turning to God, or are you dismissing Him for the world when those difficult trying times show themselves.

One example comes to mind. A few years ago I recall a woman claiming to be a Christian, a child of God, and any questioning of her faith would be met with a stern rebuke. Her family then experienced some hardship, so I asked her to turn to God for the answers. She replied “don’t give me that crap, (other profane expletives), we need to figure this out”. She failed the test of faith right then and there, the mask came off. I had known this beforehand by her lack of repentance, but if there was a time when there was a clear and undeniable example, this was it. It was when her life was shattered. And it wasn’t like she regretted reading me the riot act later on either for telling her to turn to God.

When your life shatters, turn to God in FAITH! Trust in Him alone. Nothing is impossible with Him. And more importantly pray to God that you PASS that test of faith when the time comes!

The Direct Salvation

Mark 10:14 But when Jesus saw it, He was greatly displeased and said to them, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God.

Discerning the modern churches is easy for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. The church which impedes the direct access to Jesus Christ in any way is NOT His church. His church provides and encourages sinners to seek that direct access only.

A simple question to ask those caught up in a false church where they impede direct access is, “if I went to Jesus Christ and humbly pleaded for the forgiveness of ALL of my sins, would He forgive me?”. Only the ultra cult-like impeders would say “no” to that question. So if the answer is yes, then the next question is simple, “why are you proposing to impede my path to Him by your religion?”

Some will say you “need to do this first” or “you need to say this prayer” or “do these good works and then just maybe Jesus will forgive you”. But the TRUTH of the Good News is that Jesus required absolutely nothing from sinners to go to the Cross and die for them for that forgiveness. Paul writes in Romans 5:8 “while we were still sinners, Christ died for us“. By this, Jesus did not wait for you to clean up your act before He would forgive you, or that you would do something to be counted worthy by Him.

From Roman Catholicism to Eastern Orthodox to many many churches calling themselves “Christian” put up what I call that roadblock to forgiveness while claiming they are the gateway at the same time. The sinner caught up in these systems die someday in uncertainty, “did I do enough to be saved?” is the question they die with. Having believed the roadblock and NOT placing their faith alone in Jesus Christ by that direct unimpeded access, they will someday wake up to a grim reality. That their religion put them on the path to hell and Judgment Day is too late to have figured that out.

Impeders to Jesus Christ will say “you need to have perfect Sunday church attendance, participate in our sacraments, do enough works, do enough good things as opposed to bad things, keep those commandments, and then Jesus might, just maybe will save you”. Whereas the the BIBLICAL Good News teaches DIRECT salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. It is FINISHED! Salvation is NOT A PROCESS, no matter what these false teachers manning the roadblocks to Jesus try to say.

About every debate I have had with an unbeliever caught up in a roadblock world religion has the same argument. The sinner defends the roadblock and mocks the direct access. It is like a store with a “free water” sign in front, and the person dying of dehydration because they cannot believe the water is free. Because none of their friends and family will drink that water or they were told they cannot drink free water, they die. Total depravity produces an evasion of all logic and all common sense.

Some will sadly die defending that roadblock which they will learn sent them to hell, because by pride they could not go directly to Jesus alone for the forgiveness of their sins. Discern your church! Is it impeding any access by rituals, and negating God’s grace of salvation? If so, LEAVE that church, believe the GOOD NEWS, that Jesus has provided (past tense) for the forgiveness of ALL your sins! If God is drawing you to His Kingdom, you will heed that message. If not, you will stay blind behind a religious roadblock which ends in agony and sadness.

The New Buzz Word

If you watch the news and carouse social media for a little while, the new buzz word coming from degenerate society is “humanity”. Humanity generally defined is the collective human being population on earth and how we relate to each other.

Humanism is the result of fallen humanity. It is the idea that the collective humanity is more powerful than an Almighty ever-present God. It says “we decide our future”. And in the degenerate mindset, subjective “goodness”, where sin is called good, and good is called evil is all apart of this term “humanity” being used.

Climate change is an example of this humanism religion. Despite no laboratory observations, which obfuscates the scientific method, we are told that carbon dioxide causes storms and environmental disasters despite these disasters happening all throughout the history of the world. But the plea goes out “humanity, humanity, humanity!” in the attempt to guilt folks into even questioning this falsehood.

Killing the unborn is also part of this humanity religion. New buzz words like “women’s healthcare” are used instead of abortion because then if you protest this murder of a child, you are attacking a woman’s healthcare. The evil humanists know they are fighting something called innate discernment every human being has which will naturally question the difference between good and evil. So buzz words are used to stave off this discernment by guilt.

Moral subjectivity is always used by evil humanists. An example would be recently a doctor refusing to treat an unvaccinated patient basing that decision on you guessed it, “humanity”. By a demonic ignorant rationalization, the doctor sees it as saving the lives of her staff and vaccinated patients, while the de-humanized unvaccinated is left for dead. Or rioters which kill others in the name of “Black Lives Matter” are completely justified, as the collective humanity would benefit. It is the very same demonic rationalization the Nazis used to exterminate 6 million Jews.

Where is Christianity to a degenerate society preaching humanism? It is the ENEMY. Because Christians discern, they must be silenced and censored and mocked. The fallen world HATES Christians, while preaching the goodness of humanity, funny how that works, but it is the absolute truth. The religion of science trumps any belief in God, so Christians are the enemy. And do NOT be fooled by degenerate fallen sinners, they are not your friend or comrade or advocate, like the Jews to the Nazis, you are sub-human.

The Book of Revelation is a great summary for what I explained above. God sends all these terrible things which by just common sense would think that the fallen world would change, but it certainly does not. With each disaster, the degenerate unbelievers keep preaching humanism, despite all the horrors. Until one day Jesus returns and in a blink of an eye, He extinguishes humanity and humanism once and for all. This is why the Christian church prays “Come Lord Jesus, quickly!”

Discernment is Needed

1 Corinthians 10:28 But if anyone says to you, “This was offered to idols,” do not eat it for the sake of the one who told you, and for conscience’ sake; for “the earth is the Lord’s, and all its fullness.”

Paul writes in 1 Cor 10:28 to the Corinthians that they must discern a supper they are engaging in. That if someone is offering that food to idols, they were not to partake in it and eat it. I am going to apply this to a modern circumstance of which we are dealing with, the pandemic.

I am not about to say that no one should ever take the vaccine for COVID-19, but in the respect to discernment you must decide for yourself and your own conscience and health condition on this. Are you asking questions, or are you going along with the flow. Because if you are just going on with the flow, you might very be well engaging in idolatry.

Personally, I see it this way. The degenerate fallen world, especially in the U.S., is really pushing for vaccines and not only this, but forcing it on the population. Key word here “degenerate”. When I see unbelieving abortion advocates lining up by the thousands and frantically taking a vaccine, I for one as a Christian am going to question this. The light bulb is on and to me personally it is a warning. Maybe if they weren’t so certain on the vaccine efficacy, I would think differently. But for me, this is how I view it.

I see comments and posts on social media from the most godless sinners in society all advocating for vaccine, in almost a hysteria. The question is, what are they fearing? Most likely the lake of fire which is their ultimate destination. Whereas the fact is, no one can a minute to their life, even by the most effective vaccine.

With this, I make no judgment on those who have received the vaccine or in their conscience and health analysis decide to be vaccinated. But I do judge those who are hypocrites, those who say “my body my choice” when it comes to murdering children in the womb, but want to force their ideology when it comes to vaccinations. Ask yourself, why do these idolaters seek everyone to become vaccinated? It is NOT for your health, it is for their own perceived health of which they want to buy time before they get to the lake of fire.

Discern it by your own conscience. If you feel it necessary based on careful analysis of your health, etc. then get vaccinated. But don’t do this in my opinion because everyone else is doing it or you feel a weight of pressure to do so to satisfy a degenerate society. Question the vaccines, do your research and come to your OWN CONCLUSION.

Again, when the most godless degenerates of society are advocating something, that alone should put a red flag up for the Christian.

Image and Perception

What image and perception do you exude to others?

All human beings are all by common grace blessed with something called discernment. It is that innate question which will pop into your brain upon a statement, a circumstance, or something which happens in your life. That question which is lingering is calling for discernment which is the seeking truth from error.

If you are a Christian, saved by Jesus Christ, your image and perception is quite important in sharing the Gospel of salvation. In my previous article, I wrote about unknowingly turning the Gospel off to unbelievers by the lack of empathy towards sin from your own experience. Discernment by the unbeliever will go initially to your personal image and their perception which will question what you are trying to convey.

If your image is that of a hypocrite for example, the Gospel’s message is tuned out by the unbeliever based on that initial perception. They simply cannot trust a word out of your mouth. If you have no testimony and are preaching repentance for example, the unbeliever will scoff at that call.

I can speak to 43 years of blindness on this and how many “Christians” tried to share the Gospel to me. I simply tuned it out for Roman Catholicism, because those questions on the person sharing it were raised and went unanswered. I recall about a year or two before my rebirth attending a non-Catholic church. I liked the people very much, and the service was interesting. However, none of those people at this church got past my discernment. Maybe they were a bit too sheepish when I disclosed I was a Roman Catholic and did not want to offend me. But OFFENDING me was what I truly needed, never be ASHAMED of the Gospel!

Having been in sales and marketing for 25 years, I can rightly speak to experience on image and perception. I like to say we have less than 1 minute to capture the attention of a potential sale from a customer, and if you are in sales or tried to sell something, you will understand this quickly. We have very short attention spans, questions are raised, and if your image and the perception does not pass that test, you are dismissed quickly. Now someone may graciously extend some time to you, probably out of pity, but make no mistake you lost that person.

With the Gospel, the marketplace is IMMENSE and you don’t have to go far, just see the neighbors you live by. You might be surprised how they view you as a person. We tend to think people should see us as we see ourselves, which is simply a mistake and intellectual dishonesty. So the obstacle to getting to the actual sharing of the Gospel is often missed. We simply say “they just didn’t get it”, but were they actually listening? Or did they tune you out based on your image and their perception of you.

So what is the key to sharing the Gospel, to getting over that hurdle? Examine yourself, GROW! It doesn’t mean everyone will accept the Gospel from you, but they will be forced not to tune you out. Get in that person’s shoes, they are a sinner just like you. Tell them this Good News of Jesus Christ and how it is working in your life. Again, the person might still reject it, but they are not rejecting you, they are rejecting the Gospel.

I confess as a new believer 10 years ago, I was excited for the Gospel, but maybe too excited in that I came across as legalistic. Image and perception. Those I shared the Gospel with were hammered with legalism, and some were immediately tuning me out. With the power of the Holy Spirit, I needed to CHANGE that image and perception, and grow.

If indwelled by the Holy Spirit, we are always seeking growth! And this won’t stop. We can’t ever be satisfied in this lifetime because no one will be glorified in our flesh. Pray to God for this growth and the wisdom needed. Examine your image and perception you are giving to others. Be honest with yourself! Don’t ignore the problems, seek always to grow in your walk with Christ.

Turning Off the Gospel

1 Corinthians 13:1 “Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I have become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal.”

1 Cor 13 is a popular chapter read as one of the readings at weddings, in secular settings and in churches alike. I think one of the verses which gets glossed over and ignored is always the first verse. Paul explains basically how the Gospel can be turned off by sharing the Good News without love in his heart, he will just sound very annoying.

Turning off the Gospel is rather common among believers to unbelievers and often because the believer is self unaware of this. All the unbeliever is hearing is annoyance, not conviction, but a state of irritation. The Gospel thus is tuned out, turned off, and not heard.

So how does this happen? Coming from a decades long sales career it is quite easy to see, but not so easy if you are not self-aware. The annoyance is that the unbeliever does not see what you are trying to convey because most likely you are not relating to them. You are coming across has always been born-again, no past life, no sin, just a “goody two-shoes zombie bible banger” preaching Jesus Christ. Do you see the problem?

The problem is if you are not sharing your own former life of sin, the unbeliever becomes suspicious. And I see this often. It is like the believer wants to totally dismiss their walk in darkness because now they are walking in light. Impression and perception are natural human characteristics. Even young children, I would dare say more so, can pick up on impression and perception quite easily.

1 Timothy 1:15 “This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief.

Paul eliminates that perception and impression for example when he said he was the “chief of all sinners”, meaning the worst. Are you as honest? Do you explain to the unbeliever that you were a dreadful wicked rotten totally depraved sinner, worse than most? Or do you come across as have never struggled with sin your life. Because if you are not conveying this, you are turning OFF the Gospel which saved you.

The unbeliever’s view without a sharing of the believer’s own struggle with sin is self righteous hypocrisy. You are saying “place your faith alone in Jesus Christ”, but not expressing by your OWN testimony why this was necessary! Without realizing it, you turned off the Gospel. The unbeliever is thinking “why is this person wasting my time?”.

I get it, our past lives should not be dwelled upon as in living it again, however, we cannot forget our past lives because it tells others WHY the Good News worked! So don’t ignore it, or discard it, it is part of your testimony! Let me give a couple of examples.

The first person shows up and comes across as always been saved. They preach repentance without sharing any of their own struggles with sin. The second person shows up and explains in detail how dreadfully rotten they were before Jesus saved them without the slightest condition, and how that salvation changed their life. How they struggled with sin and how they depend on the Holy Spirit. Which person do you believe turned off the Gospel? Hint: It wasn’t the second person.

A Scriptural example comes from Luke 18:9-14. The Pharisee and tax collector. Read this example in your Bible to see who Jesus goes home justified. So many come across as that Pharisee without realizing it! Don’t be that Pharisee! Share your HONEST testimony and you will not turn off the Gospel! Put yourself back in that place before Jesus saved you, go back to it, and share it, it will express the Gospel of salvation and why it is so awesome! Remember always, you too were an awful unbelieving sinner at one time just like that person you want to share the Gospel with. Don’t unknowingly ever turn off the Gospel!

The Other Jesus

Jesus of the Bible is described much differently by many churches, people, society, etc. He is the American “Jesus” or a political party’s “Jesus”, a Jesus who can’t save sinners, a Jesus reduced to demonic humanism and a finite existence, a social justice Jesus, a mystical wafer Jesus, a mommy’s boy Jesus, a sissified Jesus who conforms to sin and appeases sin, and probably the most disgusting form of these inventions of Jesus is the one who loses sinners to hell whom He saved.

Yes, society has many different forms of a Jesus all of which are not biblically backed up, but are inventions. The inventions are invoked in my view by Satan and then carried out by sinners eager to change the biblical record to suit their lust for sins. Asking one to back up the invention biblically will quickly discern the other “Jesus” as false.

Yesterday for example in a comment I made about the recent Texas abortion law, a man came on to challenge my assertion that abortion is murder. He invoked another Jesus who would use murder of children to remedy poverty. When asked to prove this biblically, the man quickly folded.

Roman Catholics and others believe another Jesus who loses sinners He chose to save to hell. Forget about John 6:37 for example where Jesus unequivocally promised He would lose NONE given to Him, Catholics say “not so”. The fact is if you believe in a Jesus could lose a saved sinner, one whom He redeemed on the Cross, you do NOT believe in Jesus Christ. But it doesn’t prevent sinners from scoffing at this fact in favor of a church leading them to hell.

The recent social justice “Jesus” is appalling. Jesus is used as some sort of socialist worldly person who didn’t see this world as fallen. So this other Jesus’ main mission was NOT to save sinners from their sins and this fallen world, but to promote social justice. Sickening if you ask me. But sadly, millions believe in this invention of Jesus.

The sissified “Jesus” is also very prevalent. This Jesus conforms to sin, appeases sin, and forgets why God’s wrath was handed out on the Cross because sin to this “Jesus” means really nothing. American politicians will stand up before society and claim they are “Christians” while promoting homosexuality and abortion, claiming that this other “Jesus” would be happy with them.

Then there is the scales of justice other “Jesus”. This is an American Jesus where the sinner thinks they can outweigh their sins by good deeds. The “I will go to church on Sunday and sin all week” mindset. Or someone steeped in a sin believing if they do 10 good deeds, the scales tip in their favor and this other sissified Jesus will save them in the end.

Want to know who Jesus is? He was revealed in the Bible, Scripture! The truth of who He always was is clear. No invention can pass that test in Scripture. There are MANY false Jesus’ being preached, but just ONE true Jesus Christ. One who left His eternal throne to die on a Cross for one reason, God’s intolerance of SIN! One who rose from the dead and sits at the right hand of the Father and WILL return in glory some day soon. Get to know this Jesus, He is the very opposite of what is so readily promoted in society.

Certainty over Truth – Part 2

Certainty trumping the truth happens in many aspects of today’s society. It is a religious mindset which is hard to break as mentioned in my previous article, making the actual truth the missed end goal.

With the pandemic we see the mindset of certainty trumping the truth. The science around COVID-19 and the vaccines have changed several times in the past year regarding this virus, yet some have replaced discernment with blind obedience to certainty. A fallible scientist says “masks saves lives”, and the undiscerning public immediately believes this without the slightest question. The vaccines were said to eliminate the virus, however this does not seem to be the case. But that doesn’t stop those in the “certainty” camp from still claiming that masks and vaccines are doing what the fallible scientists tell them.

When certainty trumps the truth, discernment ends. And any questioning will be attacked on that certainty. Despite the 1 percent chance of death in contracting COVID-19, the religious mindset is the opposite, it is more like a 99 percent chance. Again, the certainty trumping the truth disregards the truth that is merely 1 percent, and even much lower in children. Just a side note, but there is actually a 100 percent chance of death despite any virus.

An objective truth must have evidentiary backing in order for certainty to become realized. Without an objective truth, there can be no certainty. Silly but sad mind tricks must be utilized to bypass discernment into certainty. For example I can say “a mask cannot stop a virus because of the objective truth in the miniscule size of a virus compared to what is trying to stop it”. The reply will come “I don’t care, it is what the government said”. Or you have a better chance to get hit by lightening than to die from COVID without a co-morbidity condition, again the response will be “I don’t care”.

The other revealing secular certainty is on therapeutics. Hydroxychloroquine, a malaria drug, was seen early on as a useful therapeutic by some doctors. The secular media and certainty immediately rose up to defeat this therapeutic only then to acknowledge a year and a half later that it was useful. Now Ivermectin is under the same certainty scrutiny, “IT CAN’T WORK” is the cry from the zealots. But studies are slowly leaking out showing its overall use against COVID-19 while Big Tech and Pharma preach the certainty doctrine that it can’t work.

A person can be shown to be paralyzed or suffered a death after taking the vaccine, and the zealots will immediately cry “NO, IT CAN’T BE FROM THE VACCINE!”, all by the certainty doctrine. No questioning is allowed, no further discernment is necessary, according to the certainty zealots the vaccines are always safe no matter what.

Another secular certainty example comes from the phenomenon of climate change. The certainty now is that the world will end in less than 7 years based on what? A couple of politicians preaching climate change and an obscure estimate not based on actual science but a modeling from those who want climate change to be taken seriously. So the preaching from climate change religion ensues, and the congregants of this religion immediately rush to certainty. It reminds me of every false religious movement in the history of the world. “The world is going to end on such and such date”, and the congregants gravitate to absolute certainty until that date comes and goes. But some will also be so disordered in certainty to then buy a new date.

Some are certain that the United States is racist and oppressive, until the objective truth is shown by the comparison of countries such as Afghanistan where mothers are handing their babies to U.S. soldiers to get them to America. When that example is given, they STILL can’t believe the U.S. is not really as bad as their certainty claimed. They simple traded the truth for certainty!

Tying this to my previous article on this subject, do not trade the TRUTH in Scripture for secular man invented certainty. Always be discerning, question things, test all things. Do not be satisfied with a declarative statement, rather seek the truth. Because once you stop the quest for the truth, you become certain and ALL discernment will end. We live in a fallen world, man is fallen and fallible, capable of error and corruption. Test all things!