The End of Your Life

One doesn’t think much about the end of life until that end is pronounced. It can come on like a storm, or should say will. Just ask those who have been diagnosed with terminal cancer for example. The thoughts come streaming in and often there is regret, anxiety, anger, and fear. I will speak on the fear below.

To be honest, I really didn’t get much thought either until my dog Leo was diagnosed at an early age with terminal lymphoma. All sorts of thoughts came streaming in on his behalf, mainly making his last days comfortable. You see, Leo as far as I can tell has no fear of death. He doesn’t fear who will miss him, he knows. He doesn’t fear what will happen to his toys or his food either. He also doesn’t fear what will happen to me.

But as humans we are programmed to fear the end. Some fear who will be at our funerals, as if that really matters. Other fears might be 401Ks and who will get our things, again as if that really matters. Some may fear how they will be remembered, that just might matter.

What one should really fear? Is that if you died in your sins, the end will be a beginning of eternal misery and torture. Those in a world religion such as Roman Catholic church should fear Jesus saying “I NEVER KNEW YOU” (Matt 7:21-23). You see, the fears are often miss-placed either by religion or by the world.

We can learn many things simply from a dog facing his end. His goal is to enjoy each day with no regret. He doesn’t fear the end because he knows he cannot change that end. So he makes the best of it for himself and those around him. He knows he will be missed, but that is out of his control as well.

The moral to the story is if your fear is how you will be remembered, today is the day of your salvation. Place your faith alone in Jesus Christ, where He promises only peace and rest. Some may remember Elvis Presley only as a singer, but I believe if he could come back and tell you the regret he had was that he was never remembered as a child of God. How will you be remembered?

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