Why Aren’t Catholics Getting It?

2 Corinthians 4:3 But even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing

You plead the Gospel to Catholics around you, and nothing seems to work. They scoff, divert, ignore, and pass you off as yesterday’s garbage.  Despite the love you show, the time you have given, they continue to resist.  The analogy in a recent context is a news commentator saying that “President Trump could give each American a million dollars out of his own pocket, he could provide to every known cancer, and the resistors still would seek his demise”.

There is a definite veil over a Catholic’s eyes. How do I know? Because my own eyes were veiled to the Gospel for decades. I ignored anything outside of Roman Catholicism flat-out as crazy talk.  I would not entertain any deviations from what I had been taught even with the most passionate caring loving Christians I encountered.  They were talking to a very prideful stubborn wall.

But this should NEVER prevent you from witnessing to Catholics. Like myself, you never know who God is drawing and calling.  It might not be time yet for a rebirth, so don’t be saddened, let God do His work.  If you trust in Him, you know that whatever the decision He has made comes to pass, it will always be perfect and to His will.

Some Catholics are confused. They wonder why we share the Gospel to them as they already believe they are Christians.  They will call you anti-Catholic just for telling them to place their faith alone in Jesus Christ.  Which if you think about it, is actually anti-Christian for rejecting this Gospel.

Most Catholics are also bewildered as to what the church actually is. They see it as Protestants (which is every non-Catholic) vs. Catholics.  Because they don’t see the Gospel as ONE Gospel, they don’t see the church as a born-again sinner by the grace of God added by Him to Jesus Christ’s church, but a brick and mortar institution with bylaws.  A place they go to, as I have heard a Catholic say “get their church on”.  They are reverent inside those walls, but outside those walls tells an opposite story of sin and dead fruits. They see themselves as “good people” by avoiding what they are taught as mortal sins, but always uncertain of salvation.

When in actuality, every born-again believer is the church! So no matter where you are, what time it is, what day it is, the church is always with you.  Believers seek other believers for fellowship. They recognize each other by the same teacher, the Holy Spirit.  We can see the fruits of repentance and the Gospel being shared, and are attracted to this fellowship.

So don’t get too frustrated with your Catholic friends. They may or may not be added to the church Jesus Christ is building. They aren’t rejecting you personally, but God and His Gospel.  And if you are a former Catholic as I was, recall those decades in the church when you yourself was equally if not more hardened.

Those Catholics God is drawing WILL come to Christ, make no mistake. It might be today, it might be next year, or 20 years from now, just rest in this and trust in the Gospel.  Stand firm, don’t appease, don’t manipulate, and DO NOT conform to the RCC gospel. Do not seek common ground as there really is none to be found.  Lastly, never ever partner with the RCC faith in no way shape or form, that’s IF you love Catholics as yourself and desire them saved.

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