God Uses Any Means

What I have submitted to based on my experience in walking in the light now for the past 8 years is that God will use anything and anyone to grow His seeds.  The obvious are the great preachers of the word who unapologetically preach on the sinfulness of sin and the holiness of God and His sovereignty over salvation.

The less obvious are things God will bring into your life, what He will remove, and how He is all working things to our good, to those who love Him.  He will free up your time so that you can share the Gospel more for example. He might place you in a seemingly awkward place so as to grow you as His child, to help you get over your fear.  Yes, not all things in sanctification happen inside the walls of a building with a steeple and a bell if you presumed this.

God will use any means necessary. Unorthodox things such as He did in my life.  About a year after my rebirth, I really had no desire before this point to get a dog. But this desire suddenly came upon me after a trip to Colorado. I was going through many hardships during this time, and getting dog realistically before this point was not even on my radar.  I had just ended a horrible relationship as well, my job prospects were shaky, and my new life in Christ was starting to form.

God knew what I needed before I did. That sudden desire to get a puppy in April of 2012 was placed in my heart.  So I searched for a breed, a Gordon Setter which are hard to find. Sometimes the waiting list is 3 years just to get one, but I looked anyway.  I found an ad, called the breeder, and I recall what he said “I can’t believe you just called, I just placed that ad an hour ago and didn’t think it would be found for awhile”. He had puppies for sale!  He told me to send him a deposit, and I would assured to have one. So I did.  I know it was God who had this plan in action all along, because the odds of all this were better to win the lottery.

So Leo, my puppy came home with me in June of 2012.  A TRUE blessing!  He had a way about him, a very quick learner, also very compassionate and patient.  His aim was to be obedient, even as a 8 week old puppy and it continues to this day.  God showed me many things I was lacking, which was forgiveness, patience, obedience, compassion, being kind and considerate, happiness, etc. all through Leo.  He also taught me not to take any day for granted. Yes a dog was brought to me to teach me things, God will use anything and I am glad that He did.

I know the time with Leo is end someday, dogs are given a short life here, and I dread the day when we will need to say goodbye. So I do not take any time with him for granted, and try to learn as much as I can from him. Funny that we think a dog learns from us, it is the other way around.  I often think “am I being as obedient to God as Leo is to me?” for example.

So look around in what God is doing in your life. It might be something you least expect. In my case Leo replaced all the human garbage I was enveloped in by God, allowing me to grow in Christ quickly and steadily.  In your case it could be moving to another state or country. It might be a change in a relationship, or anything which would help you FOCUS on Him and His word.  He will place a sudden irresistible desire in your heart of which you will realize was a true blessing.  He is always going to be 100,000 steps of us and our thinking and our ways, rest in His sovereignty!

God is not restricted by human terms. He does things all to His purpose and glory, secret things we will never be aware of, but rest assured, if God is with you who can be against you!  He isn’t waiting for sinners to vote Him in every 4 years as God, not constrained by a government shutdown, and He certainly isn’t waiting  for you to clean up your act before He can save you.

He is not constrained to walls of a church or religious pomp and circumstance either. He used a giant fish to get to Jonah, an Ark to enlighten Noah and His family, dividing a undividable Red Sea for Moses and the Israelites, and a bright light to stop Paul in his tracks. His reach has no limit, no boundary, and there is no wall big enough or high enough He cannot break down in an instant!  He is God, He is good!  Praise Him for His glory!




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