Hoping for the Sufferings of Others?

Job 9:28 “I am afraid of all my sufferings; I know that You will not hold me innocent.”

The natural fallen man is a revenge and justice seeker. When we are wronged, our natural reaction is not to forgive, but seek restitution for the wrong with the least being a demanding apology.

I will relate a personal testimony in this, and to show how messed up this can be. I was born-again in late 2010 early 2011 by the grace and mercy of God to His glory alone. Since that time, I have incessantly witnessed this Good News to my Roman Catholic family who remains hardened, they have reject this Good News.

The Catholic “grace” system is a false quid pro quo ideology. The better you are subjectively, the more grace and help God may give to you. Because they teach it is a cooperative effort guilt mindset, God must hold up His end of the bargain. So an example might be my Mom stating to me when I was young “if you miss a Mass, something bad might happen to you”. Or if something bad happened, it was because you weren’t praying enough, or you missed a Mass, or you were doing bad things. It is very much an open theist mindset, where God is reacting in time to each choice you make, of which He has no clue beforehand what you will do.

So to relate this to my personal testimony, I can say my own family secretly rejoices when my life has troubles. They then can dismiss the Good News I preach, and say “God cannot be with him”. I very much know what Job said when he declared “”I am afraid of all my sufferings; I know that You will not hold me innocent.”

Whether I have health issues, my financial picture is not that of a millionaire, or even my dog having health problems, they are secretly rejoicing knowing then in their twisted unbelieving mind that the Gospel I preached to them may not be right. It is called transference. They transfer these things into automatically assuming God cannot be with me in this message.

God cannot be bribed. He won’t be manipulated. The Gospel is the power unto salvation no matter if I am a zillionaire or dead broke, no matter if I am dying of cancer or have perfect health, no matter if my dog suddenly dies or lives beyond expectations, no matter if I am married or am single and all alone. Yet the unbeliever searches for excuses, and one they by a twisted humanistic mindset will come to conclusion that God can only be working in your life ONLY if all is also well with your finances, your love life, your health, etc.

It is really the core of depravity to rejoice in the sufferings of others who are witnessing the light of Jesus Christ to you! Any good fortune or suffering does not quell or affirm the awesome Good News of Jesus Christ!

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