The New Buzz Word

If you watch the news and carouse social media for a little while, the new buzz word coming from degenerate society is “humanity”. Humanity generally defined is the collective human being population on earth and how we relate to each other.

Humanism is the result of fallen humanity. It is the idea that the collective humanity is more powerful than an Almighty ever-present God. It says “we decide our future”. And in the degenerate mindset, subjective “goodness”, where sin is called good, and good is called evil is all apart of this term “humanity” being used.

Climate change is an example of this humanism religion. Despite no laboratory observations, which obfuscates the scientific method, we are told that carbon dioxide causes storms and environmental disasters despite these disasters happening all throughout the history of the world. But the plea goes out “humanity, humanity, humanity!” in the attempt to guilt folks into even questioning this falsehood.

Killing the unborn is also part of this humanity religion. New buzz words like “women’s healthcare” are used instead of abortion because then if you protest this murder of a child, you are attacking a woman’s healthcare. The evil humanists know they are fighting something called innate discernment every human being has which will naturally question the difference between good and evil. So buzz words are used to stave off this discernment by guilt.

Moral subjectivity is always used by evil humanists. An example would be recently a doctor refusing to treat an unvaccinated patient basing that decision on you guessed it, “humanity”. By a demonic ignorant rationalization, the doctor sees it as saving the lives of her staff and vaccinated patients, while the de-humanized unvaccinated is left for dead. Or rioters which kill others in the name of “Black Lives Matter” are completely justified, as the collective humanity would benefit. It is the very same demonic rationalization the Nazis used to exterminate 6 million Jews.

Where is Christianity to a degenerate society preaching humanism? It is the ENEMY. Because Christians discern, they must be silenced and censored and mocked. The fallen world HATES Christians, while preaching the goodness of humanity, funny how that works, but it is the absolute truth. The religion of science trumps any belief in God, so Christians are the enemy. And do NOT be fooled by degenerate fallen sinners, they are not your friend or comrade or advocate, like the Jews to the Nazis, you are sub-human.

The Book of Revelation is a great summary for what I explained above. God sends all these terrible things which by just common sense would think that the fallen world would change, but it certainly does not. With each disaster, the degenerate unbelievers keep preaching humanism, despite all the horrors. Until one day Jesus returns and in a blink of an eye, He extinguishes humanity and humanism once and for all. This is why the Christian church prays “Come Lord Jesus, quickly!”

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