Indoctrinating Children Into Sin

Mark 9:42 “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a great millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea.”

Lately, there has been a lot of press on parents who confront school board in their challenges to the sexual perversions and racism taught to their children. The fundamental basis of right and wrong is realized, and some parents have quite enough of it. These teachings are a clear example of causing them to sin.

But I will more than bet many of these parents either ignore or totally disregard the indoctrinating of their same children in the church they attend into sins of blasphemy and idolatry. This is where they gray the lines between right and wrong, and by coginitive dissonance will not discern it based on the religious cult. Confronting a school board is one thing, confronting their church is a no-no in this mindset.

Everything in a religious cult’s existence hinges on the indoctrination of children. Satan’s influence behind this is that he knows children are the most vulnernable. And is why Jesus gave a very STERN and GRAVE warning in causing a child to sin. The child’s mind has not been cluttered with things, they are quick learners, they are completely open to acceptance, they are eager and excited to learn, and are the most vulnerable based on their physical and mental weakness compared to the adults in their midst.

So the cult knows, children are the EASIEST to indoctrinate. The child will be completely unaware of the indoctrination and because they lack authority, will never question it openly or publicly. What their parents say is the law, and the child will need to confrom and accept, or they would face dire ramifications. So the grooming process from a church/cult or your public schools now starts at a very young age. They know there is a limited amount of time to indoctrinate, and cannot allow time to pass.

Fortunately, some of the indoctrinated cults are weak in nature, so the child easily leaves it just as fast as they accepted it. In some cases, it isn’t as easy leaving based on the tremendous amount of guilt placed on the child. I was indoctrinated as a Roman Catholic as a child for example, the scare and guilt of hell was given to me at a very young age so that I would NEVER question Roman Catholicism. They use a pictorial design of indoctrination with statues, pictures, scenes, knowing that children are visual and love picture type of books. You are shown a picture of Jesus or Mary for example as a child, and they tell you “that is them!”, and everything they tell you about them MUST be believed.

Sadly, this sinful indoctrination has led many children down the path to hell, and some after realizing the deception just stop believing in God’s existence based on the lies they were told. The bitterness towards anything of God is based on their experience in the cult. There are those who remain, and will be the hardest of hearts in listening to or reaching with the Gospel of which they will reject blindly for the cult’s teachings. And then there are those who God gives a rebirth, they also realize the deception of the cult almost immediately, but in their case they run to Jesus Christ and never return to that cult.

If you are a parent of a teacher, take the warning of Jesus SERIOUSLY! If you knowingly OR unknowingly caused your children to sin, there is a dire consequence for it. It is something that can be forgiven, so examine yourself and repent if you influenced a child to sin. and remember this, parents can be the most stubborn, prideful, when it comes to their children, another reason why Satan targets them in indoctrination.

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