He Looked Out the Window

It was two years ago today, 2020, that my dog Leo and I returned home from a long trip to Colorado. It was approximately two and a half months prior to this that we left Minnesota to seek a lifesaving treatment for Leo’s lymphoma.

We left Colorado on Feb 10, 2020 and arrived in a sleepy little town called Cozad, Nebraska where we spent the night. The weather was almost exactly what we are having today in Minnesota, cold, dark, and windy. But nothing was going to deter us, as this was a MAJOR victory. Leo had survived almost 100 chemo treatments, and was still with me. His demeanor was great and his health was stable. Prayers were answered!

The following day, we drove all the way home. Leo looked out the window constantly, something he did not do on the way out to Colorado. As he was taking it all in, I couldn’t help but wonder what was he thinking about and feeling. He must have known his life was coming to an end, and didn’t want to miss out on any sight or sound. I told him a couple of times, “Leo, you can lie down, we have a long ways to go”, but he ignored that request. And now two years later, I do understand why he did. He was taking in God’s creation, as it would be the last time he would be able to. The thing he feared on this trip home was missing out on what was to come and I learned this as we got close to home.

I speak of God’s providence, because the pandemic was still in its infancy. No real reported cases. But I dodged a bullet because we met someone with Covid symptoms right before our trip home and I did not get sick. At that time, there was no protocol, as I believe there were only a couple of cases reported on the west coast. So we thought it was the flu. God’s providence as well was to place it in my heart and mind to come home a couple of weeks earlier than planned or we may have ran into problems with the pandemic.

Leo – 2-11-2016 (4 years before)

His providence as well was that Leo and I made it to Colorado, he survived the treatments, and now he was coming home with me. A lot of things had to neatly line up, and they did. We had much support in prayer! And it was ironic that the church we attended while in Colorado was called “Providence Bible Church”.

But a special providence as I look back was Leo looking out the window on the way home. On the way to Colorado, he could barely move, he slept most of the way and looking out the window was something last on his mind. It was as if God granted him a gift of a little more time, so he would have no regrets, nothing to be missed such as a deer or pheasant or duck, things he loved seeing.

As we got close to home, I decided to drive by the park we usually went to at that time of night. Leo let out a cry of joy! He was beside himself as he saw his park again. The looking out the window came into view now, this is what he was looking for all along! The crying of joy didn’t cease, it remained until we got home. It was as if he was thanking God as I was that WE MADE IT HOME!

I write this as a testament to the supporters we had! Your prayers were listened to by God. He granted His providence, we survived the uncertain war, Leo was happy once again. So the next time you hear a doubter when they mock “thoughts and prayers”, I do hope you think of this!
God is Good! He listens, He provides, He is merciful and gracious! What could we do without Him?!

One thought on “He Looked Out the Window

  1. Indeed God is good , I think your right Leo knew he was going to leave , and he knew you would be sad , so he gave you so much love always but right at the end , you gave to him and him to you that last peice of joy together ,

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