Book Update – The Roman Catholic Problem

Note: Based on the satanic trolling of the book in the review/comment section on Amazon’s parent ad, I decided to pull the book based on Amazon’s lack of any enforcement of their own guidelines.  Mind you, their trolling happened just days after this 275 page book was published which should of been the first red flag. But it was also the obsessive personal hateful nature to the trolling which was the disturbing part along with the stalking across social media. My Facebook account was attacked and this very blog saw an attack as well by these satanic trolls.  Who else could this be other than the workers of Satan himself. What is he desperately trying to prevent Catholics from knowing? Amazon has now promised me senior level personnel are looking into these trolls so as to monitor and or suppress any further of their involvement.  I almost expect them to return in full fury, with more of their demon minded friends to come at me personally. But this time the book stays!  I thank God for His steadfast wisdom, providence, and protection during this time! 

The new version will have added pages and a chapter, so as to expose these satanic trolls who utterly failed in derailing this truth but in their vain obsessed attempt, it added to the truth in the book!  I am pleased to announce this version will be available in the near future!  I jest with those who have the original version, but you now have a collector’s item since there was a limited number which went out from Amazon. 🙂

Controversial Title?

I chose the title because I wanted to be honest and upfront to the buyers and consumers of the book.  The title is what the book is about. Now some have advised that if I used a different title, it might get more Catholics to read the book.  I do agree that this might be true, but it misses the emphasis and goal of the book entirely.  For the same reason a Catholic will not read this book because of the title is the very same reason another Catholic WILL read the book because of the title.  Those with the same questions I had when my eyes were opened to God’s truth will want to read this book.

I told someone the other day, that if I created the title to inflame all Catholics, I would of put an exclamation point at the end of the word “Problem!”  And I could then see the reasoning that the title should be changed.  We must remember, that we do not control the Holy Spirit. I did not write this book for profit, for fame, or for a desire to be on the New York Times bestseller list, those are ALL worldly things. Rather, I wrote this book for the lost Catholic being drawn out just as I was, like many others have, to give them HOPE.  Some have realized the problems years ago possibly, but based on the ecumenist society, they really have not heard the plain truth.  They are confused because there are these problems, and outside the church the sentiment is they are “Christians”. Yet they feel empty and uncertain because the church they belong to is not adding up.

I suggest to give this book to Catholics. They might not like the title, but they aren’t supposed to. When I originally published, the book was attacked by satanic trolls. 3-4 Catholics obsessively trolled the review/comment section. The message from God was that I chose the right title!  And now the new edition will expose further problems in the RCC that I had not realized before this occurrence.

If there are no problems in the RCC, then why would there be any fear with the book’s title?  The book’s emphasis is not a smear job on the RCC, it basically exposes the truth. It is up to the reader then to decide whether they will test these things or not. If a Catholic is curious enough, they will read this book. If they throw it out based on the title, there is not much I can do about it.  These same people would throw it out if I titled it “The Roman Catholic Success.”  So it wouldn’t matter.  All it would do is show dishonesty and my attempt to profit off a book title.

I appreciate the patience and encouragement of the church through this exciting time!  And I pray everyone who reads this book will learn, will grow closer to the Lord Jesus Christ and to see Him for who He is!  Man’s doctrines and inventions always fail, God never fails!

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