Your True Family – The Important Bloodline

What I have learned from being saved by Jesus Christ, is that your true family is NOT necessarily those you share a human bloodline with. The bloodline which is the utmost important shared is the one in Jesus Christ. You see, if you are saved by Jesus Christ, you are set apart by God and placed into a new bloodline, Jesus Christ’s! An AWESOME and HUMBLE fact!

Some might be fortunate if God so wills that your human bloodline also shares Christ’s bloodline, but those who don’t are still just as fortunate! When the Apostle Paul said “all things have become new”, he meant ALL things, not just somethings, but all things. This would include your new family!

As some know, I recently experienced a couple of devastating trials. One big one is my dog Leo is now in the fight for his life. It wasn’t my earthly family who immediately rose up to support me in these trials with my Mom’s accident and Leo, but my HEAVENLY family! Less my Mother and a couple of cousins, my immediate earthly family remained silent, always a quid pro quo in the mindset, they could not think unconditionally beyond themselves.

There was one Christian I will mention who met me very early on after my rebirth. She did never met Leo, but out of the grace and love in her heart without question supported us. And example after example from other kind hearted Christians and they continue! I realized this long ago from God, but it was affirmed once again they are my family now! And I am not saying this as a mere talking point, but a fully realized truth! Every Christian in the same bloodline as I am is my family and your actions speak more than words, in the unconditional support which can come in many ways. The help is not to score brownie points with me, nor points with God, it is always done to the glory of God alone!

With your new Christian family, they don’t ask “why should I pray for you”, they do it sight unseen and without a question, it is a natural condition. They aren’t asking for repayment, because it is God’s grace with exudes from their heart. God doesn’t do those things, they don’t either! The question to a Christian is always “when”, never “why”.

An AWESOME revelation I will relate is something called “eternal gratitude”. Those who touched your heart receive what I call eternal gratitude, meaning without end for all of eternity! Remember this fact when you unconditionally care, unconditionally display an act of kindness, that person you did this for will always have eternal gratitude for you to the glory of God alone. My motto in my new life in Christ is “don’t ask why, just do!” Because that is the Holy Spirit leading me.

Are you still placing conditions? Keeping score with others? The sad news is that you are still in your sins! How do I know this? Because if you fully realized WHO Jesus is and WHAT He did on your behalf on the Cross, there can be NO MORE SCORECARDS!

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