The Case of Total Depravity

Those who do not understand the fallen nature of man will never understand why some will not believe in Jesus Christ when presented the Gospel, point for point, fact for fact. The pleading will come to a sheer frustration if you do not understand that something else is needed which a supernatural intervention of the heart. As God promised in Ezekiel 36:25-28, when He alone replaces the heart of the sinner, only THEN that sinner will believe.

Upon my rebirth, I read and studied the Book of Revelation. My first assessment were all the examples of God sending horrible plagues, earthquakes, etc., great signs and wonders, and the people still rejected His Gospel over and over and over again.

I would say no other book in the Bible will demonstrate total depravity more so in every respect. A third of the population would be killed from these supernatural events for example, yet the Gospel of Jesus Christ continued to be rejected. The sinners left on the earth who were not regenerated continued to scheme, continued to rebel, and cast out the Gospel as it were trash.

So ask yourself, if disease, tremendous tribulation from God’s judgment isn’t going to turn a sinner’s heart, how are you going to do so with special pleading? The Gospel IS the power unto salvation, and we must share this Gospel to any and all, but you must realize that the actual conversion will always be in God’s court.

Those who do believe in Jesus Christ and think you somehow girded up your intelligence and morality by self righteousness and then believed? Think again. Those spoken of in Revelation are not more evil or less intelligent, they simply did not have their heart changed by God. This is why it is called grace and mercy. And I always ask those who believe they “made a choice” to believe, how do you know your heart was not already regenerated? Because believe it or not, it was! The Gospel one shared with you THEN was received and welcomed, not beforehand. Or salvation is by self righteousness.

Total depravity is real, it is inherent to the human race based on Adam’s sin. When Romans 3 declares “no one seeks God”, it is teaching this fact. No one will seek God if He is not drawing them first which we are taught in John 6:44. And no one is born again by their own will, but by the will of God alone as we are taught in John 1:13.

It is true as well that God uses man to be end to His means by the Gospel. You as a Christian are called to share this Gospel no matter the outcome! And it is NOT your outcome to decide, you will never get the glory for a conversion, it all goes to God so that no one can boast outside the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Bear this in mind in your witnessing. Your friend, your family member, may VEHEMENTLY reject the Gospel just as those did in the Book of Revelation. It is not your concern. Your concern should be in the truth of the Gospel, and leaving God do the rest. If He graces you to witness a conversion, be thankful. If He doesn’t, also be thankful and never think your servitude to the Gospel is for not. The conversion time and place is known only to God. Sometimes we won’t see it based on our own purposes from God, He may not want us puffed up.

So always try to stand still and see His salvation. Trust in God’s purposes and His counsel. You are NOT the converter, you are the messenger.

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