Why Don’t They Get It?

You shared the Gospel to a very near dear friend, a family member, a coworker, and the response you receive is rejection, unbelief, and dismissive rhetoric. You know that this Gospel is Good News and it makes so much sense, but what is not making much sense in why they aren’t getting it. So instead of really understanding why they aren’t getting it, you unwittingly turn up the pressure because you may believe it was your presentation which failed. You think perhaps you left something out, or heard a sermon which might help, so you send more things. The person you are doing this with becomes even more dismissive, leaving you frustrated.

Let me quell your fears, the problem is not you nor is it the Gospel, it is the sinner you are sharing it with. They may seem to you better than you in society or in kindness or in empathy or even religious involvement, so you naturally believe and expect they are going to accept the Gospel and be as excited as you are, but they aren’t. It is not that you are better than they are either, but what you have and they don’t have is a new heart. You have been granted a new life in Christ, and they have not yet been born-again. So why do you get it and they don’t? Scripture answers this question.

1 Corinthians 2:14 “But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned”

If you have shared the Gospel from your heart, you will really come to know and understand “the natural man”. The best of the best in your life being a “natural man” will flat-out dismiss and reject your Gospel. They will argue with you, they will mock you, and some will even abandon you for good for even sharing that Gospel. It is all a part of the fallen nature. Before God regenerated your heart, you did the exact same thing and sometimes it is easy to forget this. You weren’t more religious, or a better person, or just more spiritually sensitive, it was done by the grace and work of God alone by His timing to His purpose.

When I was reborn, I wanted to shout the Gospel to anyone and everyone from the roof tops. I am no rocket scientist and was not in the running for “kindest man of the year” awards, so I thought it would be easily received by who I saw as morally better than I or religious. I was DEAD WRONG. As being a salesperson by trade, I changed my approach, I pressured as well, I sent Gospel tracts, sermons, Bibles, letters, and nothing worked. And then God taught me by Scripture what the problem was. It wasn’t me, it wasn’t my message, it was the sinner who was just like me who needed to be reborn. After that point, my frustration completely left as I trusted in God alone to who He would give this rebirth to, after all His ways are always going to be ultra perfect.

We must ALWAYS trust in God’s work and His word. The conversion of a sinner will NEVER come by you, but by the Gospel and God’s work on a sinner’s heart, just as you were converted. It isn’t going to come by a forced pressured decision “either believe this or I am done with you” either, because that sinner might very well then act like they believe to coddle your feelings, but they really don’t. You just unwittingly planted a tare into the Kingdom. And I see this type of tare planting occurring in the church at large. A fiery pastor may stir up some emotions, and ask sinners to come forward if they want to be saved. Problem is, they did not convert, they were caught up into the moment. So they being a tare, will eventually fall away.

Remember this always, share the Gospel and then get yourself out of the way. If it is God’s will, that sinner will be receptive and convert. If not, maybe God has another Christian in mind to witness the conversion. Or maybe it isn’t in God’s will at all, so trust in Him as whatever He decided will be one hundred percent perfect and good. When and if one has been reborn, when they hear “REPENT and believe the Gospel”, there are no arguments, no dismissing, no frowns, no lingering questions, they now have eyes to see and ears to hear and will accept the message with joy. We may desire all in our life to be saved right here and now, but our ways are not God’s ways, trust in Him!

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