Can a “Church” Save You?

Every religious cult will have a similar indoctrination marching order from the very pit of hell, “there is no salvation outside our church”. The indoctrinated congregant because they lack faith in Scripture or the ability to discern right from wrong when it comes to the things of God, buys the marching order. They may also buy the marching order based on “everyone else believes it, so why not me” or some historical fallacy such as the church being around for a very long time, and their friends and family who live by that marching order.

Why is the call of “no salvation outside our church” a lie from the pit of hell? Because the TRUTH of God is that there is no salvation outside the person and work of Jesus Christ. And, the power of God unto salvation is the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ! That false church attempts by the aide of Satan to replace Jesus Christ in other words. Salvation can only be found in Jesus Christ, and the Gospel is the power which will save the sinner.

The ACTUAL church of Jesus Christ shares the Gospel, and gets out of God’s way. It will be the power of God alone which works in the sinner to believe the Gospel, and if it is His will, the sinner will BELIEVE, they will REPENT because God has granted them saving faith. So the church being the pillar and foundation of the truth, only UPHOLDS the truth, it doesn’t own the truth, it holds NO power unto salvation outside the Gospel.

If you are involved with such a cult which attempts to say “we are the way, the truth, and the life”, don’t walk, RUN from this demonic notion. The actual church of Jesus will only point you to Him, that direct and unimpeded path straight to Him. A false church will always try to say they have the ONLY direct connection with God, and that you MUST abide by their rules, their teachings, of which mind you will contradict the Gospel and/or Scripture, or you will go to hell.

The devil is not working on the inherent evil because there is not much for him to do there, he is actually centering his attention on these false churches, the cults, which claim to be hold the keys to salvation. This goes back to the Pharisees and further. The Pharisees invented many new laws and traditions outside of God’s laws, and told the Israelites that they either do what they say, or they would have no part in the Kingdom. The devil realizing this, knows human behavior of fear and dependence, thus gets behind this in full force! He knows that if a sinner fails to place their faith alone in Jesus, they will NOT be saved. Yes, the devil knows the Gospel, he like every fallen sinner rejects that Gospel, and hates God.

Every false church and demonic cult will have one central thing in common, they discard Scripture as the authority and believe THEY are the power unto salvation. And by this false notion of “power”, they believe they can make up the new rules for the Gospel, man-made tradition, etc. to keep the indoctrinated sinner dependent on the cult for life and in the end see them in hell.

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