How Can You Please God?

The age old question, “have I done enough to please God”. The answer from Scripture is a clear and definitive “NO!”. And it might surprise you that there will be never enough personal deeds or religiosity which can please Him. The Apostles realized this when they asked Jesus “who then can be saved?”. Jesus responded ““With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” (Ref Matt 19:25)

Recently I watched a testimony of a man who claimed he was declared dead for 20 minutes. It was compelling as he described being outside of his body. He explained that he was brought before a meadow at which time his whole life was shown to him, the good, the bad, the ugly. He didn’t see anyone but said someone (God) was speaking to him during this event and then told him “your time has not come yet”. And he returned to his body.

The man said he experienced a peace he had never realized before, and what he took from this was there was an indeed a God, and that there was a judgment. But sadly, he didn’t learn the lesson I believe God was teaching. As I mentioned earlier, the man took it as “do better”, “try harder”, “spend more time with my family”. Not once did he mention a Savior. You see, I believe by showing him his life, God was teaching him and probably more so those from his testimony that a Savior is needed. His name is Jesus Christ.

The pleasing of God comes in only one fashion, faith in His Son Jesus Christ and all that He is and what He had done. You will NEVER please God outside of this. Helping others without faith in Jesus? You are pleasing yourself, not God. Doing good deeds and religious works? Also, you are not pleasing God, but only yourself.

You see? Jesus Christ, the Redeemer, the Savior gave up His life on your behalf. You did nothing, and He paid your sin debt. There is no good deed you could possibly add to His work, and there is no deed you could do to replace what Jesus did either.

There are going to be a lot of sinners on the day of their death surprised why God is not going to show Himself, just as that man’s testimony. You will be ushered into an existence without God, into an eternal torment. Your pride, your unbelief, your trying to save yourself will all lead up to that moment. You could not believe that Jesus’ perfect work could save you, so you will be judged by your life of sin.

No one deserves salvation or redemption! If Adam and Eve could be ushered out of the Garden for simple disobedience, what makes you think you can bypass God’s justice?

There is just one way to eternal life, by faith alone in Jesus Christ. Remember what is IMPOSSIBLE for man, is POSSIBLE with God. Your works to save yourself never pleased God, it will only be pleasing to Him if you believe in the ONE person who can save you, His name is Jesus!

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