All Things Made New

2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

When my dog Leo passed away in late March of 2020, it was a devastating loss. I really clung onto my faith during that time, as I could only hope things would somehow return to normal. He was all that I had, and a symbol to my new life in Christ. God had promised “all things will become new”, and came through with this promise which seemingly ended.

But God’s promise didn’t end, as every ending has a new beginning just like my former life of sin ending. Clinging to my faith and hope, I took a giant leap into the unknown. A new puppy named Joby came along two months later. In my former life, I had really no faith, so there is no way I would have taken that leap.

Now a newness in things doesn’t mean there isn’t a bit of anxiety or nervousness. The uneasiness of the unknown. But when that moment arrived, God took all that anxiety away as Joby was another the new and blessed beginning. It was an instant bond, as Joby seem to know what I needed from the start. His affection and compassion was there from the beginning, always giving a hug and always obedient. God showed me that every sad end is actually just another new beginning just as my rebirth in Christ. And ALL things are made new.

Joby 12-30-2021

The new beginning of love, joy, peace, rest, is what God by His grace will give. A reset. It doesn’t mean we forget former things, it means we move on and realize the blessings. Joby didn’t replace Leo, the newness meant that I would make new memories now with him. A blessed addition, not a substitute.

He has his own unique character, and as I learned from Leo, I am now learning new things from Joby. Call it as you wish, but this is God’s means and I truly believe He sent them my way for this education. As people, family, friends in my former life couldn’t supply, they have. God knows best! All made possible by the faith He granted me and all to His glory alone.

Every New Year, the mentality is when a the year ends, the slate is clean. There is a newness we hope for. All the worries, sadness, etc. are extinguished in that hope as we now move forward into a new year. And I pray that God gives you a newness in life and that you realize His blessings!

When you are born-again, ALL things are made new, not somethings, but ALL things. The end of your former fallen life now has a completely cleaned slate, and Jesus cleaned that slate by His sacrifice! The end gave you a NEW beginning, just as the new year comes.

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